Troubleshooting Swing Opener

Are you having trouble with swing doors? The problem is not in the doors themselves, but in the control system. These doors are equipped with automatic mechanisms that are designed to detect approaching traffic. These electronic mechanisms provide comfort and convenience to users. With the use of swinging doors, there is no need for users to exert too much effort in opening or closing a door.

However, all mechanisms have limitations and will require proper maintenance. When swing door operator repair is needed on the detection mechanism that opens or closes the door, it may be accomplished in any of 2 ways. The mechanism may be damaged and may require immediate repair; otherwise, an adjustment may improve the operation.

A troubleshooting swing opener may be described as a device that is installed to the swinging doors themselves. The device has an operator that detects approaching traffic and provides both convenience and safety to users. This type of swing door repair should only be performed by professional repair technicians. This is because the mechanism of the device could become damaged when subject to extreme stress, constant motion, or improper installation.


Swing doors are being widely used these days. These are the doors that swing open to either side when one approaches it. It can be installed on any entrance which is not hinged on the other side, such as a door that leads to an office lobby or room.

The most important thing about this door is that it swings freely back and forth with little effort exerted by the user. It does not have to be pushed or pulled. The workings of this door are simple. A mechanism inside the swinging portion of the door is designed to trigger its opening or closing whenever it detects approaching traffic, usually by weight or pressure sensors.

The swing door operator is an automatic device that is designed to provide convenience. These operators use an infrared sensor to sense when there are people or vehicles approaching. As soon as the sensor detects something, the door will be opened for free passage.

Unless there is damage to the door the detector may not require service immediately. When this signal no longer is able to make a good connection with the equipment, the swing door operator repair is needed. Troubleshooting and repairing a pressure switch and open and close and close and open common problems that could occur with them.

These sensors make a quick connection on the metal rod on each side of the doorway. Alternatively, some swing operators are equipped with a 2-wire signal. This signal is linked to a plunger that fits into a hole in the casing of the door operator motor. The very first step needed to repair this type of door operator is to test all of the wiring.

Any open or shorted wires must be repaired as soon as possible. Most problems, nonetheless, lie within the gearbox and/or the motor terminals and they may be discovered and corrected utilizing a few simple tests and repair procedures. Electrical troubleshooting of swing door operators must be done after the problem is realized, there are no preventive measures which can be undertaken.

Trouble shooting may come down to correct identification of the problem because it has occurred. The problem may oftentimes depend on the type of mechanism that is installed in the swing door operator. When you decide to call for repairs on your swing door, it will depend on the make and model of the door. Some doors may be opened or closed with a push of a button.

You probably know that the automatic door opener is also capable of performing its function of opening or closing by being instructed to do so through infrared beams. But did you know that an automatic door maintenance service is designed for additional purposes. There are programs installed in the system that make sure that there are no damages or problems on any part of the system, and if there are, it will be immediately alerted of the problem.

Many automated door control systems use a zone type system in which a human approaches a doorway when the zone is clear, they can pass through unhindered. If the zone was already in use, the door would be programmed to wait for a specific length of time before activating. In addition to simple zone controls, automatic doors may activate in the case of fire or smoke to prevent personal injury from occurring when evacuating.

Swing doors can be defined as pairs of sliding doors that are mounted like one unit. The kind of swing doors I’ll discuss in this article belong to two basic types: that which is switch-operated and that which is power-assisted. These door systems differ in terms of the method used in their opening and closing operation.

There are different types of automatic doors. Each one uses its own device and mechanism to function properly. However, maintenance services are necessary because they need maintenance and repair if something happens to them. This is the only way they will be able to continue functioning properly so that different situations can be avoided.

Your swing door is your entrance to the exterior of your office, retail store, or even residential building. It is intended to help you protect your property from possible threats that may enter your property. The door needs to be maintained if it is supposed to work well.

Switch-operated and power-assisted door systems that may require these automatic door repair services. These devices and mechanisms must be maintained and repaired properly as necessary. This way, they will be able to function optimally for the benefit of pedestrians. These automatic door repair services are vital in order tom prevent undesirable circumstances such as accidents and injuries. When these swing doors function very well, pedestrian collisions will be avoided, and comfort will also be achieved.

Swing doors are also beneficial in establishments such as shopping malls and supermarkets. All they have to do is to pass through the door without even having to use their hands. These swing doors are highly beneficial to all consumers, especially to those who have handicap or strength issues.These establishments have a very high volume of customers and the only problem is that they don't have enough time to check-out each customer. The best solution to this issue is by having swing doors installed at all entry and exit points of the establishment.

Automatic doors and operators are designed and developed based on our policy of "Safety and comfort for all users." However, unexpected troubles can occur if the doors are used in the wrong way. In order to use our automatic doors safely, please read our instructions carefully and understand the structure and how they work before using them. Also, please put our automatic door stickers on your doors for attention. For further information,

What should I do to keep the automatic door safe and durable?

In order to ensure the automatic door is safe to be used, we recommend having an after service contract with our distributors and regular care by the owner is also essential.

Swinging door repair and maintenance

All services are carried out by our experienced team of trained professionals. Completing over 2,000 jobs per year, all our service technicians are AAADM certified, and come equipped with the expertise, tools and spare parts to carry out regular maintenance and repair on all swinging doors in your building, whether they are manual or automatic.

You can call us anytime you need to for any type of service you need. We will be there for you because our main goal is to respond to your needs in record time. Whether you are looking for a new swinging door or require maintenance, our highly trained staff will be able to find the right solution for your building.

We’ve been serving the needs of a lot of clients who have been coming from all kinds of industries from healthcare to restaurants, from offices to warehouses, because we’re committed to provide not just high-quality products and services but also the right solutions that address the specific needs of our customers that’s why we always ensure that our product selection is tailored to their specific application.

Emergency Repairs

If you are experiencing problems with your swinging door, feel free to have a closer look at our emergency door repair services. Emergency door repair is more important than one might think. It is not only necessary to protect your business during bad weather or situations that can break down a door system or door, but also to secure your possessions inside.

There are very few things that can knock you off your feet like a broken door. And for small businesses, having an inoperable door means business cannot continue, which can result in lost revenue. When this happens at night or on the weekend, the sooner you contact us, the better chance we have of resolving the problem quickly.

At Houston automatic door we have a 24/7 service for emergencies. Since we have a large variety of services, we can offer you a wide range of solutions, so the issue gets solved as soon as possible. We are providing emergency door repair services to commercial businesses, retail establishments, schools, health care facilities, municipalities and more .

The customer service representatives are committed to ensuring that you receive the assistance you need for your emergency door repair or replacement. Whether your emergency requires immediate assistance or you are scheduling an appointment, the customer care agents will assist you with your request.

Swing door Inspection

Regular inspection of the swing door operators in your building in accordance with ANSI guidelines in your building is strongly recommended by the Association of Automatic Access door manufacturers. Call our customer service desk to make sure that the inspection is carried out regularly.

Our AAADM certified technicians will inspect all automatic doors in your building and carry out all relevant minor maintenance at the same time, such as alignment and lubrication. This will ensure that your swinging doors and other commercial doors continue to work without fail, and that downtime and expensive repairs are avoided.

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