Transportation and Logistics Door

Transportation and Logistics Door

We solve logistical challenges inventing innovative solutions to increase efficiency and reduce cost. From building a transportation company from the ground up, to modernizing a distribution center, we simplify complex operations with a seamless network of information.

Our experts can help you find the solution that works best for your distribution and warehousing needs. Our distribution experts provide insight to your facility’s unique challenges through education, creating solutions, and creating measurable results.

Systems can fail, of course, but nothing fails like the human factor. That’s what makes Houston automatic doors experts work to understand a facility’s pain points and then can make recommendations to overcome them. If you’re still learning how to plan maintenance and downtime in the long run, talk with our technical experts about how regular maintenance translates into efficiency.


Houston door contractors can work with you through your door needs so you can improve your business. We understand that you have a limited budget, but still desire the most energy efficient doors available on the market today. Our automatic doors are tested to ensure they function properly to withstand years of use. We have the resources to provide convenient emergency repairs for most emergency situations.

Compliance, Regulatory and best Practice Experts

Houston Automatic door Solutions provides expert investigators for commercial and industrial buildings. Our experience has turned our employees into compliance, regulatory, building standard and best practice experts. Years of resolving building code issues.

We have deep experience in projects of all sizes, and our technicians are experienced in complying with local and federal regulations as well as best practices in the industry. We help you comply with local building codes as well as ADA requirements.

We understand management needs to focus on the heart of the business rather than on regulatory compliance. We offer audits, advisory services and hands-on mechanical solutions that meet or exceed standards for fire safety, life safety, workplace safety and health [OSHA], food handling and quality assurance. We keep our clients compliant with AIB International, US Department of Agriculture [USDA], FDA and SQFI standards by providing expert guidance on facility construction.

Our experts help protect against life-altering lawsuits by utilizing engineers to design compliant guarding systems. We can provide impactable doors that easily prevent costly repairs or replacements. We can help you comply with fire and life safety codes before fire marshal inspections, ensuring reliable and clear communication on improving safety and risk management.

To achieve best practice in the food and beverage industry today is a complicated and often confusing task. We can provide expertise and reduce worries and concerns with our assurance that you are in compliance with all applicable regulatory bodies for your industry. Whether your business is servicing the food service industry or manufacturing automotive parts, keeping up with compliance standards makes good business sense.

We provide services, products and systems to assist building and facilities owners and managers meet and maintain compliance and regulatory standards around the globe. Our clients include: Food and Beverage, General Industry, Health Care, Senior Housing, Financial Services and dozens of other market segments.

Building a safe community in Texas

It is important to have an understanding of how to build a safe building. Doors play a significant part in people’s safety and security. Properly operating door systems and openings can impact many situations. We can work together to optimize safety ensuring that loading dock bays operate efficiently and safely.

We offer diverse products, including High Volume Low Speed fans, Dock bumper to protect your building. Truck lock to secure the trucks. Dock seals and shelters to control pests and foreign particles as well as heating and cooling. Communication lights and control communication between dock attendant and truck driver. Dock light and dock fans and more. Our solutions have been provided for almost every aspect of traffic flow control inside and outside of commercial and industrial facilities.

We can work together to optimize safety with proper door installation, repair or replacement. We are committed to building a safe community through the design of dependable, high-quality door systems. When the right door solution is installed properly, it can help keep out moisture and unwanted sound. Whether your challenge is sealing out the wind chill, reducing noise at your loading dock or keeping dust and dirt off of loading docks, we make the solutions.

Create a safe and secure community with the products you need from the industry leaders in high performance doors and openings designed to guard your business and the people working in it. From creating a safe workplace environment to protecting your assets.

Loading dock efficiency

Loading docks must be designed and installed carefully to avoid increased costs and legal liability, but there are a number of important considerations to keep in mind. Dock loading equipment, traffic flow patterns, forklift traffic patterns and materials handed off from the warehouse, the choice of dock plates used, and how personnel navigate these docks can have a tremendous impact on productivity and safety.

Understand the impact your loading dock will have on your business and utilize our expertise to develop a cohesive plan that makes sense for your business. We'll help you create an efficient loading dock that will be separate from other traffic in your warehouse.

Some loading dock design elements can make loading docks safer and more efficient, including safety rails, partitions, vertical clearances, lighting and proper signage. Your Operations team deserves the best materials to work with and you know the right docks for the job.

Loading dock safety

Lookout for these hazards in the loading dock area. A slip and fall hazard can result from wet, oily, or broken floor surfaces in the dock area. Leaning or falling off dock edges can also be a slip and fall risk in the loading and unloading zone. Help prevent falling off docks by securing flatbed trailer wheels and backing up all trucks close to the edge so they aren't unsecured when you let go of them.

Warehouse efficiency

The HVLS ceiling fan was originally invented to reduce heat, humidity and airborne contaminants in large open spaces while using less energy to do so. It then became known for its ability to increase worker productivity through increased comfort levels and better air quality.

The HVLS fan can be used to circulate air in warehouses, factories, barns, gymnasiums, shopping malls, sports facilities, areas to lower building heating and cooling costs by reducing the need for energy-intensive air conditioning or heating systems.

Trailers are ovens radiating heat with temps as high as 120°F, causing extreme worker fatigue impacting both your productivity and profitability. Air Conditioning and refrigeration for your trailers, trucks or containers is expensive and capital intensive, especially in the food and beverage industry. Our trailer fans overcome the problem of trailer heat with a unique cooling patent-pending technology. We provide warehouse workers, truck drivers and cyclists with a low cost effective and hassle-free way to cool down and work more effectively and efficiently by installing trailer fans.

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