Automatic Telescopic Sliding Door

What is a telescopic sliding door?

Telescopic sliding doors are ideal for entrances with limited space, partitioning corridors or to expand and maximize access to narrow spaces. They are essentially glass partitioning shutters that slide open or closed horizontally with manual motors or electric motors depending on the model.

The telescopic sliding door is a good alternative for that project where you have a very restricted opening and want a larger door opening with a bi-parting door. This can also be a good alternative when not having a wider pivoting door may not square off the wall finish in the adjoining room to the left or right when swinging out from the wall.

Let’s talk about clear opening widths. When it comes to retail storefronts, providing an unobstructed view of your store's products is important for any retailer. Bi-parting systems are often used for this exact reason, but these doors can have limitations on overall width if you have a masonry opening to contend with.


Our telescopic sliding door system is used in situations where there is a masonry opening which needs to be enlarged or where the glass sizes are variable. This flexible option permits the installer to expand the clear opening in increments, up to 10’0″ by 6’0″ or 11’0″ by 6’0″. Its panels are interchangeable, allowing for larger pieces of glass to be installed when needed.

In order to provide a larger opening without exceeding the maximum openings for egress, telescopic sliding doors are just what you need. Our telescopic, sliding door system is designed to maximize glass wall area to provide the illusion of additional space.

Multiple glass panels are guided on continuous stainless steel runners that are housed in a slide-out aluminum or wood track. Track may be mounted into masonry walls or incorporated into an "L" or "U" channel steel frame welded to the building.

For situations where you have a restricted masonry opening but wish to provide a larger clear door opening, the telescopic sliding door (available in either three or six panels) provides increased door opening all the while utilizing our quiet and durable operating system.

This is similar to our bi-parting type sliding door which opens with the solid right or left leaf sliding into the wall cavity. When fully open, there is up to 3″ of clear space on both sides of the bi-parting door.

This is accomplished by simply moving the jambs into an extended position which then opens the panel over the sill. When the panel is all the way open, it is supported by its weight on rollers attached to each side of the main operating components. The telescoping bi-parting system when in use provides easy access to the load .

The telescopic sliding door system is an ideal choice for many situations. When you have a restrictive cross-section, this door is great for widening your doorway without blocking the view. And when you are faced with an obstruction, the three panel door is particularly well suited for widening a restricted opening to dimensions far exceeding what is possible with a bi-parting door.

The telescopic sliding door system is the perfect match for applications where a bi parting sliding door is not appropriate and less expensive than custom double and triple panel doors with an overlapping thermal break. Taking into consideration the comfort of the user, the telescopic doors are bi-part or single-slide leaf opening and provide maximum security and offer added value of comfort thanks to its automatic opening and closing system.

Optional area of use and additional functions

Air-lock function: Two coordinated door systems control access; the first opens to let people in, and the second closes to keep smoke out. When the alarm is activated, the door closes immediately and without reversal. Any opening in the emergency exit route can be equipped with fire protection safety door. Once the initial use of a door has been determined, it is necessary to decide upon which type of escape route will be used. This is dependent upon the people using the building and the ultimate exits from the room.

Access control: controlled by a key, badge, video monitoring and biometric data. Hold-up closure: on pressing a button the door closes immediately and without reversal. Building automation: incorporation into existing systems.

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