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Houston automatic doors will provide you with a significant competitive edge for your business. Our experienced and professional team offers prompt and reliable service, repair and installations for all types of commercial, industrial, automatic doors, storefront door component failure, 24/7 to all Houston, Texas area businesses.

Our specialization in retail environments with a focus on safety, security, and energy efficiency have made us a leading retailer service provider for this market segment. With Innovative Hardware’s advanced solutions, retailers gain access controls that are reliable, flexible, custom fit to their needs, and easy to maintain.


Revolving doors for hospitals and long-term care facilities

The retail industry is constantly evolving. When shopping behavior shifts in one area, you have to react quickly or risk losing your competitive edge. We understand that building new entrances is only step one. We pride ourselves on offering service that keeps your walkthrough traffic flowing smoothly.

From the front of the Business to receiving and shipping, it’s critical to have safely operating openings. From exterior security options to state of the art access control with a variety of door opening and locking solutions, we help prevent unauthorized access to keep your employees and customers safe. Our door opening solutions ensure your retail facility is not only safe and secure.

When it comes to access control and securing your facility, rely on Houston automatic doors to provide the most comprehensive door opening solutions on the market. Houston automatic doors offers the most advanced technologies for security, compliance, and peace of mind to both retail providers and their customers including:

Houston automatic doors is a leading provider of high security and energy efficient entrance solutions. The retail industry is constantly evolving. When shopping behavior shifts in one area, you have to react quickly or risk losing your competitive edge.

Each of our product lines has been tailored to meet your specific business needs. From retail stores and office buildings to schools and universities, we have a solution that can help improve the overall safety and security of your facility. Retailers face unique challenges like operational efficiency, asset protection, meeting sustainability standards, compliance and creating a welcoming and safe customer experience.

Service and repair all your door needs

  • Retail store
  • Storefront doors
  • Office building
  • Schools and Universities
  • Doctors’ offices
  • Warehouses
  • Grocery stores
  • Shopping malls
  • Health care facilities
  • Hospitality doors

Experts In Compliance and Regulatory Issues

Our employees are experts at complying with local and federal regulations. Our reputation is built on honesty, integrity and unparalleled customer service. We have a team of experts in the industry who possess a combined 70+ years in business management and / or project management / field installation. Our knowledgeable staff bring a fresh perspective to historic issues, providing creative solutions to meet your specific needs or challenges.

Houston automatic doors work closely with our customers to ensure compliance with ADA Accessibility Guidelines for buildings and facilities, ensure safety with Fire and Life Safety Codes, incorporate security systems for asset protection, surveillance, intrusion protection and monitoring and provide location-based information to improve customer experience.

We can work together to optimize safety

Doors are more than just a means of entry and exit. Doors can be configured to promote security, safety, productivity, comfort, accessibility, functionality, and aesthetics. We optimize door systems and openings to help people move about safely, utilizing the appropriate product based on application’s requirements. By working together, we prepare for AHJ inspections or any other challenges that arise.

Auto dealership doors

Car dealerships have been slow to adapt to new technologies giving their competition a big edge in attracting new customers and finding ways to streamline the sales process. Auto dealers view the dealership in a completely different way. It’s no longer a place where customers come to buy a vehicle, it is now a place where they come for customer service.

We offer automotive doors for auto dealerships and sliding doors for auto showrooms. Our doors are fitted with the finest, most innovative hardware on the market. Our aftermarket sliding. doors will improve your dealership’s appearance and efficiency. We offer the highest quality services, designed to exceed your expectations.

Metal, Fabric and Rubber High-Speed doors, High-Performance doors, Fire-rated roll-up doors, Security grilles, and Fire-rated counter doors, Sales, Installation, Service, upgrades. We value your business and will ensure that we develop strategies to serve your needs now and in the future.

When building a new dealership or renovating an existing one, the customer experience at the service bays becomes the focal point of attention. For many customers, this may be their first visit to the dealership and first impressions are critical to keep them coming back. Traditionally, service bays have been mechanically operated doors with minimal design and functionality.

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