Automatic Overhead Concealed Sliding Door

Overhead Concealed Sliding Door

Overhead concealed sliding doors convert a standard doorway into a large opening, creating a spacious entry area by eliminating the need for a transom or sidelights. These systems feature attractive aesthetics and robust performance, making them ideal for new construction and suitable for retrofit.

The system permits coded access control at the door and/or building exterior with optional emergency egress. Contemporary in appearance, these overhead concealed sliding door systems are designed to deliver unsurpassed ease of operation, operate seamlessly in a variety of applications, and are manufactured with high performance materials that support all types of uses.

We offer a full line of overhead concealed sliding door products that cover large openings and can be used for entrance entryways. our overhead concealed sliding doors allow you to save space without leaving behind a bulky opening. These products enable you to have a door that’s more than just a door, it’s an opening!

For sleek appearance, excellent thermal insulation and low energy consumption, overhead concealed sliding doors are the ideal solution for you. This system allows access control at both the door and exterior.

The overhead system is completely concealed so it’s totally unnoticeable when in use on high traffic floors. If you’re looking for the automatic doors that just quietly do their job without drawing attention to its presence, an overhead concealed system is what you’re looking for.

These systems do not require floor-to-ceiling constructions so they can be conveniently installed for stores, offices and churches. Most effective solution in the market for various industries, among which are airports, hotels, supermarkets, banks, shopping malls.

The overhead concealed swing door system is the ideal solution for commercial environments that need to accommodate large crowds, but don’t want to give up space for traditional automatic doors. This overhead concealed door system works with various sliding panel options and can be customized based on budgetary needs.

All our service technicians are AAADM certified and have many years’ experience in making sure you have the safest and most efficient commercial doors possible. Our technicians arrive fast, and their vans are stocked with spare parts for almost any necessary repair to your commercial and automatic doors.

When called for a problem we diagnose the issue first, and with your approval fix it professionally and fast. Call us for any issues with door operations, whether you need emergency assistance, regular commercial door maintenance, or automatic door installation, repair service.

From small repairs to lengthy and complex projects, we never cut any corners when it comes to superior quality. We want you to feel completely safe, satisfied, and certain that every repair will last as long as possible! And if you ever have an emergency? Don’t worry. We have certified technicians available around the clock to provide you with 24 /7 emergency service.

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