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Hospitals and medical facilities have specialized access needs that drive the toughest building codes, including ANSI/BHMA A156.10 or ANSI/BHMA A156.19 Keeping your patients healthy starts when they walk through your office door. Private medical offices must be equally prepared to create a relaxing, comfortable atmosphere for their patients.

Private medical offices see a tremendous number of clients every day. This can create a number of unique challenges for specialty medical services such as dentists, dermatologists, ophthalmologists, and other private practices to keep traffic moving, patients healthy and comfortable, and medical personnel safe.

Whether you’re searching for a new medical office entry door replacement for your facility, medical office doors, or looking to implement a new entrance security system, Houston automatic doors can efficiently provide what you need. Take a look at how we can protect your medical facility and which of our services best suits your specific needs.


Hospital doors should be built for robust clinical environments. The combination of sound control, fire resistance, air tightness and thermal soundness is a necessity. And your doors need to last the test of time every day and night. Healthcare is constantly under scrutiny. With the increasing aging population, there are continual challenges with keeping the facility running smoothly and efficiently. It’s not just about keeping costs under control; healthcare buildings also need to be flexible enough to respond to the unexpected.

Health care office doors are regulated by building codes that follow all applicable health care industry standards. Your specialty medical service will need to work with dedicated commercial door specialists to ensure your doors are able to accommodate the needs of your business at any given time including when you are experiencing extremely heavy traffic or when there are ongoing construction projects.

Specialty event medical clinics, trauma therapy units at hospitals, and surgical waiting facilities will find commercial doors identical to those used in hospitals for patient privacy and visitor control. How your interior furnishings will determine the commercial door configuration you need in order to maintain efficient traffic flow. Specialty medical services must be certain their office doors are designed in order to ensure the safety of both patients and medical staff.

For healthcare facility managers and administrators, the pressure is on to provide top-notch care while reducing costs. In general, the stronger a hospital’s financial position is, the better its position to withstand downturns in revenue from Medicare or Medicaid caused by things such as job losses or illnesses. An important tool to buffer against these downturns is a strong capital improvement program that upgrades older buildings to meet the needs of a changing healthcare community while leaving sufficient funds in reserve.

The challenges involved in designing a hospital or other healthcare facility are many from understanding the stresses caused by epidemics and pandemics to meeting budgets while retaining patients. Great design that comes from innovations in material and expertise makes a difference.

What makes a good healthcare door? There are few things that can be more important than the design, construction, and overall appearance of the exterior of the facility buildings. Patients, potential patients, visiting families and friends, so many people are impacted by how these facilities look. That is why interior doors play such an important role in how the entire building looks to the public.

Our position as an industry leader in the healthcare market also enables us to offer reasons for choosing our products and services that go beyond just aesthetics. Office and examination room doors must work hard in hospitals and surgery facilities: protecting patients and staff from pathogens and harmful chemicals while fitting with hospital décor and contributing to an overall positive experience. Designing a hospital or other healthcare facility requires an understanding of these demands and products that meet them.

The healthcare and medical industry is emerging and changing constantly. Scientific studies and technological advancements push companies to constantly improve their products and services to ensure people get the best possible healthcare available. Designing a hospital or other facility requires an understanding of these requirements and products that meet them.

Hospital doors are designed to keep out the germs and infections that can spread in a healthcare environment. The healthcare environment is one of the most demanding and challenging and we believe the products we offer provide solutions to address this.

Our predominant aesthetic focus has been to ensure our interior wood office doors fit seamlessly into the look and feel of hospitals and other healthcare facilities, while providing strength and durability. As experts in the industry, we can offer seamless integration, functionality, and aesthetics. With thousands of frames and doors to choose from, you can create the exact look you want for your building. Our experts evaluate your needs to design the best customized solution so you get the best interior office doors for healthcare facilities.

In the past, the healthcare industry has been perceived as being conservative and slow to adapt to change. That reputation is changing rapidly as healthcare facilities face a range of challenges, from reducing costs and improving efficiencies, to dealing with pandemics and natural disasters. Healthcare facilities must also create environments that encourage patients to interact with staff and be more engaged in their treatment. Another challenge is ensuring privacy for individual patients and healthcare workers. As we survey the field we see many changes as health care delivery systems strive to improve access, quality and efficiency.

Hospitals provide care for patients throughout the day, nights and weekends. Security concerns are higher because of easy access to medications, supplies, and individuals who can be injured by visitors. Exterior doors for healthcare facilities are specially crafted to make way for both security and beauty.

Our team of professionals offers a full range of support services, with an eye to preserve your facilities, conserve your infrastructure, and ensure value. With a team of experts behind you, you will have a company ready to help with a variety of issues within a facility. We will address a full range of problems from day to day challenges to longer-term capital improvements.

From concept to completion, repair and service or retrofit our team is ready to help you work through any issues that may arise. We are fully equipped to take care of all your health care facility needs. We’ll assess your needs and listen to your priorities, so you’ll have the right solution for your budget. In healthcare.

Houston automatic door, a leading automatic door installation company, is the premier company in Texas for all of your commercial and industrial automatic door installation needs. With specialties in building, healthcare, and retail industries, we have the knowledge necessary to install your doors perfectly. Our staff of equipment operators has been specially trained to install doors on any door size or type of opening. We also stand behind our work with a comprehensive one year warranty.

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