Health care Manual smoke rated slide door

Health care Manual smoke rated slide door

A manual smoke rated life safety door is a critical system in the event of a fire or emergency situation. These swing and slide type doors are used in hospital intensive care, cardiac care , and surgical units to help protect patients from smoke and fire.

When looking for smoke-rated doors for patient rooms and ICU areas, One of the biggest fears in hospital settings is the spread of germs, diseases, and sicknesses. It’s easy for patients to become sick or anyone near them to become infected. Maximizing fresh air flow into patient rooms is fundamental to clean air control systems for hospitals.

Smoke-rated sliding door systems for patient rooms and critical care units (ICUs) provide added safety and security as well as possible compliance with new fire codes.


We offer a variety of sliding doors to accommodate the spaces in your healthcare facility. You’ll find concealed high-temperature gaskets, rollers, brushes slewing bearings, shafting connections and mounting hardware to be sure you’re getting something to fit your preferences. We also offer custom fire-rated panels.

Available in a variety of configurations, these ICU smoke-rated sliding door systems provide the safety and security that hospitals demand. The products include concealed high-temperature gaskets or brush designs, trackless bottoms and partial or full breakout configurations.

To protect the health and integrity of the patients, visitors, and staff who occupy all hospital areas and units, it is necessary to help control and reduce particles and gases. This is achieved by encasing the door in a finish that provides smoke-rated sliding ICU systems with a certain degree of fire protection.

Many ICUs operate in less-than-optimal environments. These medical environments require the ability to provide patients with hands-on care whether doors remain open or closed. Fire rated sliding ICU doors provide clinicians with the security of knowing that the room remains sterile while allowing for optimal airflow and visibility. The smoke rated sliding ICU door is fire resistant and may be installed in high temperature applications.

Health care facilities everywhere are trying to reduce infection rates by providing smokers with an alternative place to light up. The hospital smoking area, also known as the outdoor patient relaxation area, will help to eliminate the spread of germs.

When designing for patient rooms and Intensive Care Unit it is important to be aware of the rigorous requirements that must be met. These requirements are much more stringent than those found in standard hospital corridors or nurse stations.

Manual swing units are available in a one or two panel (equal or unequal) configuration with and without transom, smoke and draft control listed are available in a one or two panel (equal or unequal) configuration.

Available as an Intensive Care Unit (ICU) and Cardiac Care Unit (CCU) manual slide or swing door unit specifically designed to meet the requirements of hospital intensive care and cardiac care units.

Available in a sliding trackless or track type design with two, three, and four panel configurations, two or four panel trackless smoke and draft control listed, three panel telescoping trackless or three panel telescoping trackless smoke and draft control listed, or three panel telescoping track type design.

All manual smoke rated doors must meet strict UL and NFPA ratings . They have been thoroughly tested to ensure they will withstand high heat, when used with a fire rated door that is installed with the proper hardware.

A smoke rated door is an effective and essential safety feature in hospital rooms. Smoke can be a real danger to patients and staff exposed to high concentrations of it. These manual fire doors will swing open and slide open when exposed to the right temperature.

Our smoke rated doors are strategically located around the facility to help control the spread of smoke and fire during an emergency. These doors are arranged so they lead outside, providing easy escape for patients, visitors, and staff.

The system is supplied with an opal dual-pane smoke-rated glass door. The door design provides privacy, while controlling light and sound transmission between patient rooms. The door also offers the option of an alternate Curtain side treatment, which provides privacy through an opaque, folding fabric screen. The curtains retract flush with the interior wall when open, and a magnetic holdback device in the door frame keeps it in place.

For patients, there is a very real need for privacy. The same is also true for hospital personnel as it is difficult to tend to a patient lying on a bed without hindering their daily needs or duties. In hospitals, the need for privacy and light control has led to the widespread use of drapes to block light from entering the patient's room. This practice not only limits the ability of nurses and others from seeing what is going on, but also increases the risk of nosocomial infection spread by contact.

Our smoke-rated glass doors are energy efficient, improve moisture control, and still provide the classic look of drapes. When a patient is in a hospital, they are at their most vulnerable. Smoke-rated glass doors provide the same level of privacy, but they keep the air inside. Smoke-rated glass doors are a great way to improve your property’s energy efficiency and provide the privacy of drapes, without any of the hassle.

The manual smoke rated slide door with broad glass panels is the ideal door system for your healthcare facility. This door system provides easy access to patients while maximizing views into the room for families, nurses or care providers. The manual slide door system allows you to use it as a standard sliding door or a sliding manual door. No matter how demanding your healthcare facility doors are for building codes.

Get a AADM certified technician to do an inspection and repair service

Compliant for all building codes, this sliding door is the perfect addition to your healthcare facility. The glass panels on this manual smoke rated door create the right amount of visibility for patients and interior spaces.

Get a AADM certified technician to do an inspection

Every year you should have your automatic door system checked by an AAADM certified technician. This will help to ensure that things are still working correctly. The inspector will also do the relevant maintenance on your doors, such as fixing misalignments, checking motion sensors and lubricating moving parts. We have more than 30 years of experience in the industry. To retain our impeccable reputation, we have kept up with modern technology, by installing some of the most advanced doors available on the market.

AADM is the industry standard when it comes to testing and certifying technicians in the automatic door industry. They regularly update their regulations and guidelines, so you know when your technician is certified under them they are up to date with regulations and techniques. We certify all of our technicians so you can be assured that your automatic doors are in safe hands.

We are committed to providing each facility with unparalleled service while offering the highest level of expertise. If you have any problems with your doors, you should call us right away so we can get our specialists out there to fix the problem as soon as possible. They know what they are doing, and they can fix whatever is wrong with your door so it will close or open properly once again.


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