Healthcare Manual Slide Door

Healthcare Manual Slide Door

The healthcare manual slide door, as its name suggests, is a non-electric door that opens and closes by sliding it over a built-in track. The system can either function as a swinging door or as a pass-through door. Either way, the manual slide door has many benefits over other types of doors including: avoiding costly motor repairs, creating an aesthetically pleasing appearance, and making it easy to meet ADA standards.

Manual slide doors are generally used in healthcare facilities. The American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) says that manual slide doors can be found in both single-occupant patient rooms and communal areas. Enjoy a hardworking door. Manual slide doors can be used to separate areas within a hospital, such as patient rooms from storage rooms, or from public areas from restricted areas. With so many different styles, manual slide doors are structured to match your needs.


The manual slide door system is a cost-effective, energy-efficient solution for a variety of healthcare facilities including medical offices, outpatient centers, hospitals, and nursing homes. The Healthcare Manual sliding door does exactly what you need, and it looks and operates like a motorized door.

There are two major types of door: swing doors and sliding doors. Sliding doors, like the manual slide door can be incredibly efficient and provide a host of benefits. Let’s take a look at 10 reasons your business should consider the healthcare manual slide door for your facility. From hospitals to nursing homes, manual slide doors can be used in many healthcare facilities. Manual slide doors are typically found in bathrooms and treatment rooms that require frequent cleaning and offices that must remain secure. Manual slide doors offer a number of benefits.

The Healthcare Manual slide door is a door that can be opened and closed manually by sliding it up or down. The manual slide door allows for quick and easy movement of materials within the healthcare facility for cleaning purposes, to assist with loading and unloading, and to provide access without requiring a key card. The manual slide door system is an excellent investment in time savings from maintenance, ease of use for a multitude of staff members, and energy savings from not needing a motorized door.

The Healthcare Manual slide door offers a great alternative to motorized doors, especially in healthcare facilities. Using the Healthcare Manual slide door allows your facility to consider options for their facility without needing to be concerned with complicated power needs or difficulties related to programming the electronic lock.

These doors are self-operated by sliding it up or down, which can be done easily by one person. This makes it easy to ensure that your facility is getting maximum use for staff members who may need access through an egress or ingress location. The staff members are also able to utilize this manual door for moving of materials at any time throughout the day. They do not need an access code, key card, or even assistance from another employee to move supplies.

Healthcare environments are challenging. The need for a doorway to rapidly provide breakout capability in the event of emergency care is always required. ICU doors are specified to provide an unobstructed view of the patient and as a space saving technique ICU doors are used to prevent possible delays in critical life safety situations In all configurations, the doors may be specified to either breakaway into the patient room or out into the hallway.

The manual slide door will help you deliver better patient care and improve your work environment. ICU doors allow fast and unobstructed access to the patient and can be installed in space-saving positions to prevent obstruction and delays in critical life safety situations.

This affordable door will help you deliver better patient care and improve your work environment. It is energy efficient and ICU friendly, offering fast and unobstructed access to the patient with limited visual interference from hardware.

The manual slide ICU doors are suitable for critical areas. They open manually so you can deliver better patient care and work more efficiently, with reduced delays caused by swinging doors. They come in a range of sizes and configurations to suit any area in your hospital.

Our unobscured manual slide glass door gives you a clear sight line to the patient. It improves patient safety and infection control, and allows for fast and easy patient access.

These doors are primarily utilized in Intensive Care Units (ICU), Critical care units, Nursery Units, Operating Rooms, Burn Units, Coronary Care units, Emergency operating rooms and any other critical department in a healthcare facility. Sliding doors are also specified to provide evacuation access for patients or to maintain confidential patient privacy.

Numerous types of applications exist for doorway design; however, the most challenging application is the healthcare industry. Healthcare facilities often anticipate an emergency escape situation that could last several minutes or longer in duration. In any such event, every second counts and therefore the doors must remain open during such an emergency.

For Healthcare facilities, horizontal sliding doors are used only when the allowable fire-rated opening width is insufficient to meet the functional and esthetic requirements of these spaces. They may be specified for use in either patient rooms or hallways and serve to provide a barrier against smoke and/or fumes while simultaneously allowing staff to enter and exit patient areas without requiring excessively long corridors for circulation.

Patients and staff alike can require quick and unobstructed access to an exit in the event of an emergency. Our ICU doors help to solve this problem by making an unobstructed view into the patient room possible, while also saving space. In all configurations, our doors may be specified to either breakaway into the patient room or out into the hallway.

Healthcare environments are complicated. The need for a sliding door to rapidly provide breakout capability is always required. ICU doors are specified to ensure the safety of patients, and they also save space.

Sliding Door Repair And Maintenance

Houston automatic doors is your trusted partner for maintenance and repair of your automatic sliding doors. Our main objective is to avoid any disruption of your traffic flow and keep your sliding doors working properly. We offer regular maintenance on sliding doors of all main brands in the industry, Houston tx door repair. We are AAADM certified technicians offering you peace of mind knowing that your sliding door is working perfectly. Our technicians are fully licensed and insured, so you don’t have to worry about any insurance coverage or legal issues. We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to help you with emergency repairs, Houston commercial sliding door services.

Get a AADM certified technician to do an inspection

AADM is the industry standard when it comes to testing and certifying technicians in the automatic door industry. They regularly update their regulations and guidelines, so you know when your technician is certified under them they are up to date with regulations and techniques. We certify all of our technicians so you can be assured that your automatic doors are in safe hands.

Every year you should have your automatic door system checked by an AAADM certified technician. This will help to ensure that things are still working correctly. The inspector will also do the relevant maintenance on your doors, such as fixing misalignments, checking motion sensors and lubricating moving parts. We have more than 30 years of experience in the industry. To retain our impeccable reputation, we have kept up with modern technology, by installing some of the most advanced doors available on the market.


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