Manual Isolation Slide Room Door

Houston automatic doors provide innovative solutions for hospital, medical facilities and healthcare products. With one of the largest lineups of Special Access Doors, Specialty Medical Doors and ICU/CCU doors in Houston, Texas. We are dedicated to providing excellent repair service, installation and support. This commitment has earned them one of the strongest customer loyalty scores.

Hospitals and medical facilities have specialized access needs that drive the toughest building codes. Houston automatic doors continue to address these needs by self-closing smoke-rated ICU/CCU door systems and the first airborne infection isolation room door that requires no power.

Staff as well as patients appreciate design details such as mini-blind and opaque glass for privacy, light control and hygiene. Larger openings for moving beds and equipment are also now possible with the smoke-rated telescoping door system.


Houston automatic doors offers you the latest in fire-rated access solutions that will protect patients and their families, as well as your staff who handle the daily flow of patients in and out of your hospitals or medical facilities.

Their new heavy-duty ICU/CCU doors are the first of their kind to provide smoke control with self-closing capabilities at fire rated transitions where multiple paths of travel converge.

More than 30 years of providing automated openings for medical and hospital facilities has made Houston automatic doors one of the top choices in the industry. We continue to develop creative solutions with proven results when it comes to opening smoothly, quiet and efficiently without electricity.

The demand for improved access control, improved infection control - lower risk of airborne infections - greater patient/staff privacy, improved light control - less sleep-disturbing visible light during sleep hours - better aesthetics, energy efficiency.

Healthcare demands for patient treatment, recovery, and isolation rooms continue to evolve. A critical component to room design is the manual slide/breakout ICU door. Designed to maximize visibility, minimize hallway or room intrusions typical to swing doors, and provide easy access for staff and patients, the ICU system is often the perfect answer to challenging design/usage criteria.

With guidelines to consider stricter ventilation requirements, increased flexibility in door configurations, data room provisions, energy efficient options (such as power-assisted doors), physical access (ADA compliance), enhanced fire codes (for both the building and the equipment), and lower maintenance costs, the manual slide/breakout ICU door has become a critical component to room design.

Manual slide/breakout ICU doors are being incorporated by a growing number of healthcare facilities in order to minimize hallway intrusions, optimize the use of their space, and ensure both patient comfort and safety. In addition to these benefits, manual slide/breakout ICU doors provide a much greater feeling of security for patients, families and staff alike.

Manual slide/breakout doors are necessary for an efficient use of space, while ensuring room functionality and patient security. These doors are the quick response to the treatment needs of healthcare facilities. Energy efficiency is also essential in an industry that is always looking for ways to reduce operating costs. These doors are not only meeting regulatory compliance, but they are also saving on air conditioning costs in the hot summer months when they are often required to be left open.

Healthcare is a sector where a single door's purpose and function must be tightly integrated with the building's architecture. It must achieve performance targets while contributing to overall design success. For more than 30 years, Larson has designed more than 1,000 ICU slide/breakout solutions for hospital and medical office buildings worldwide.

Whether you're looking to control infection, protect staff and patients from unwanted entry or exit, or simply ease access into/out of the room, we can help you design the right solution for your project!

We are receiving more and more interest in the manual isolation slide door from hospitals, physician practices, and long term care facilities. This interest is driven by an ever-expanding variety of rooms that require isolation rooms. These include rooms for isolation purposes; Procedure Rooms; atria; administration; conference rooms; executive offices; elevators; elevators to conveyances (ie: busses, air ambulance lifts); labs; patient rooms (ie: dialysis); trauma bays; waiting rooms; etc,

These doors provide a smooth and quiet operation to improve patient and staff satisfaction and productivity. These products, along with our other door systems, help hospitals meet current building codes and applicable alliance for healthier hospitals guidelines. We offer a wide range of doors and access control solutions for hospitals, clinics and any facility that is devoted to providing quality care in a safe and secure environment.

Houston automatic service is your expert partner for automatic door, Healthcare and pedestrian door service and installation. We service and repair all makes and models of automatic doors and windows from all manufactures. 24/7 service is available to meet your after hour needs. With certified AAADM inspectors and over 50 years of product knowledge we are confident that Houston automatic doors will exceed your expectations.

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