Lead Line Slide Door

Lead lined X - ray room door and Frame

Houston automatic doors offers lead lined frames and doors for X-Ray, Gamma, PET/CT and any nuclear application including motorized for NDT/NDE, Linear Accelerator and heavy weight. The lead used in our doors is 99.8% pure and is tested prior to installation. Our doors are available as standard height, floor hung, as well as engineering options such as NDT/NDE, Linear Accelerator and heavy weight applications.

Lead lined Frames are also essential for radiation shielding. Our lead lined hollow metal frames are constructed with 16 or 18 gauge steel lined with sheet lead to match the wall, providing continuous, leak-free protection throughout the room. Our lead lined frames are essential tools for disaster control and containment of radioactive releases.


These lead lined doors, frames and rooms can provide a true measure of protection from harmful radiation. Lead itself is a thick metal which absorbs radiation well, making it a great first line of defense against x-rays and other forms of ionizing radiation.

These lead lined frames are designed to protect from beta or gamma rays, as well as the hard x-rays that do not have significant penetrating power. In addition to lead lining, these frames are fitted with thick fiberglass insulation, providing the highest level of protection you could ever hope for.

Our doors are designed to exceed government standards. There are many variants to choose from. Four major types of doors are available:

  • Lead lined Hollow metal
  • Lead lined Metal Fire-rated
  • Lead lined, Fire-Treated wood veneer
  • Lead Lined, Solid Core wood veneer

Lead lined doors are available in both wood veneer and metal lead core materials. These fire-rated doors offer a unique combination of high performance and elegance. They are ideal for areas where custom decorative door construction is desired, while providing the highest permissible protection from fire, smoke, gas and security intrusions.

We can work within your timeframe and budget to fulfill your lead lining needs applications. With engineering services available for the heaviest of door applications. Lead Lined X-Ray Room doors are surfaces applied. Single Sliding door Models are available with optional Auto lock and leaded Vision Lite. The Led Lined Heavy duty Sliding door system is available in bi-parting configurations. Electric Belt Drive operators are standard with optional UPS Battery Back-up.

Not everyone knows how important lead doors can be when it comes to radiation protection. For professionals working in radiologic environments, lead doors and frames offer the ultimate protection in shielding dangerous X-ray and gamma rays.

Our lead lined door systems are ideally suited for hospital radiology departments and equipped with the finest materials and state-of-the-art technology. Surface applied stainless steel hardware is electrostatically applied to prevent spalling or galvanic finish degradation, assuring smudge-free surface protection.

Lead Lined sliding door systems are the perfect solution when it comes to compliance to OSHA. Often times in healthcare, hospitals and medical facilities, there is a requirement that there be absolutely no exposed metals or machinery in an X - ray room or for a shielded environment.

There are numerous devastating consequences that may be caused by a devastating close proximity to a strong magnetic field produced by magnets, generators, transformers and other life threatening hazards. Many industries have mandated OSHA compliance when it comes to operation in high risk environments where exposed metal could be exposed to hazardous equipment.

There are numerous devastating consequences that may be caused by a devastating close proximity to a strong magnetic field produced by magnets, generators, transformers and other life threatening hazards. Many industries have mandated OSHA compliance.

We help protect patients, equipment and the facility where exposed metal could come in contact with hazardous equipment. You don’t have to worry about getting X - rayed by metal objects, plus our doors are very low maintenance, saving you time and money.

When working in a high risk environment with strong magnetic fields, it is important to have an easy to use barrier for safety. That is where lead lined sliding door systems can help. We have been dedicated to providing quality doors for the healthcare industry since 1991.

The risk of dangerous exposure to life-threatening hazards can be eliminated with our lead lined door system. Call us today for more information on lead lined door systems. Protected by the best lead lined doors on the market today, we can protect you and your business from harmful radiation.

We supply a wide range of lead lined door systems, so you can be sure to find a product to suit your needs. our door systems designed with lead lining, you can protect your patients from exposure to harmful radiation. To learn more about lead lined X-ray room doors. Call us today for information on how our lead lined doors can help you.

we offer the highest levels of containment and shielding. With an impressive history in energy production and pharmaceutical industries as well as for government, military and industrial facilities, our doors will exceed any standards needed for nuclear materials storage, treatment or isotopic studies.

Our lead door solutions are designed to be customized as you need them as our line of custom build-to-size lead lined doors can be easily converted to meet specific needs such as x-ray, gamma and PET/CT screening for medical therapy using linear accelerators; we provide lead lining alternatives for all nuclear applications.

Our lead doors and frames will protect your facility and even help you cut down on energy costs for your business or hospital. No matter what type or weight of door we can fabricate and install everything from sliding automatic doors to swinging doors with lead protection at its best.

Houston automatic doors is a full service company offering pre-engineered and lead lined doors and frames designed to your specifications. While we specialize in lead lined radiation protection doors and frames, we also provide a full line of standard and custom automatic or self-closing doors for all industries. Regardless of size, style or mission requirement, we can offer the right solution to meet your needs at competitive prices.

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