Hurricane Rated Door

Hurricane Rated Door

Hurricanes don’t discriminate. Not only do they displace and destroy property, they also take lives and cause major damage to homes and businesses alike. Here in the South, we know hurricanes well, and we follow warnings diligently. We all know that it’s important to keep our buildings as safe as possible.

When it comes to protecting your employees and your business from hurricane damage, it’s important to remember that there is more than one way to protect your property, not all of them involve fastening things down or building barriers out of sandbags and plywood.

The Atlantic hurricane season is in full swing, and though it’s not expected to be particularly active this year, there are still plenty of storms churning up the waves in the Atlantic. Though most storms stay in the Atlantic, many make landfall along the Gulf Coast, including Texas where Houston is located.


Types of hurricane rated doors

Hurricane rated doors, sometimes referred to as storm doors, are typically constructed from a durable material to withstand both high winds and rain as a result of natural disasters or severe storms. These doors are rated for a specific category of hurricane, depending on the severity.

FEMA provides a list of hurricane rated doors, categorized as below:

  • Category 1: The amount of pressure a door can withstand before it is blown off its hinges.
  • Category 2: The amount of wind a door can withstand before it separates from its frame.
  • Category 3: The amount of water a door can withstand before it separates from its frame.
  • Category 4: The amount of pressure a door can withstand before it separates from its frame.

Hurricane rated doors the best safety measure in the event of a hurricane

The best safety measure in the event of a hurricane is a hurricane rated door. These doors are specifically designed to carry the hurricane wind and debris and its design makes it nearly impossible for the hurricane to knock it down. These doors come in various sizes and types and can be installed within a day. It is important to take the necessary steps and ensure the safety and security of your business and employees.

More than any other area in the United States, Texas is vulnerable to hurricanes. Hurricanes drop an average of 160 inches (406 cm) of rain over portions of the state, which leads to flash flooding throughout the region. Rain-induced flooding kills an average of 50 people each year in Texas alone.

Each year as hurricane season begins, fear grips the populace as storms threaten to wreak destruction across the Southeast and Gulf Coast. In addition to precautionary measures such as storing emergency supplies and securing loose objects, Houston residents have an option for weathering a storm surge from a hurricane or tornado: investment in a hurricane-rated sliding door system from Houston Automatic doors.

No one wants to be stuck inside their business when a hurricane is raging outside. While wind, rain, and airborne debris pose significant threats, the most dangerous of all are airborne mold spores. Without adequate protection, airborne mold can infiltrate your living space and cause devastating health problems. Hurricane-rated sliding door systems from Houston Automatic doors offer excellent prevention against all types of environmental hazards including potential mold infestations caused by airborne particles.

A sliding glass door makes your business more secure, but not all doors are created equal. Sliding glass doors are like the villains of the hurricane protection world, menacing residents with their ability to smash through walls and destroy interior contents. The solution? Hurricane-rated sliding doors! For the protection you need, install automatic hurricane doors by Houston Automatic doors. These damage-resistant door systems come in various pre-designed styles and installation options.

Getting a new hurricane-rated sliding door system installed isn’t going to eliminate the agony of waiting out a hurricane, but it does offer a few advantages. Not only can these doors offer protection from wind and flying debris, they also come with improved security features that prevent would-be intruders from gaining access to your business. In fact, Texas law mandates that commercial buildings must have a door that can withstand up to either 90 or 120 mile per hour winds.

The winds can’t destroy doors protected by hurricane-rated systems, which are equipped to prevent damage from hurricane-force winds. The three main types of manufacturing processes that create hurricane-rated doors are roll formed, extruded and laminated. The process used depends on the door size; however, all storm doors pass wind tunnel tests, keeping them strong no matter the storm.

Feel the calmness of knowledge that comes with being hurricane rated. The Miami-Dade NOA (County) code requires all new or replacement doors in protected openings be hurricane rated. Hurricane rated doors ensure that your building is protected by far exceeding the Florida Building Code (FBC) structural requirements; it is designed to minimize damage resulting from high winds, impact, and flying debris caused by hurricanes.

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