Hospitality doors

Hospitality Doors

Open your door to the world of automatic hospitality. If you are tired of manually opening your door, while your guests enter with ease, let us help fix that for you! We create beautiful and easy to use automatic doors at the lowest long-term cost of operation. A variety of occupancy sensors and photoelectric eyes, allowing you to choose the best options to fit your needs. Optional access control allows customized access privileges and services.

Perfect for protecting valuables, children, Handicap people with wheelchairs, pets and to provide automatic security at entrances. Choose from single or double door systems that operate silently. We specialize in easy installation and low operating cost.

Our Automatic Hospitality doors are a must for high volume locations restaurants, hotels, shopping malls, hospitals and more. We allow shoppers to roam freely in retail environments while providing the safety and security of traditional swinging doors.


Hospitality door solution

Houston automatic doors provide your business with the best door solutions. We offer both manual and automatic front entry systems. Our products are state of the art, modern, stylish, strong, durable, versatile, and reliable. Houston automatic doors supplies you with a range of custom options including fire rated doors, anti-vandalism doors, spacer cores, industrial grade finishing.

Houston automatic doors provides a full line of services for new installation or repair and replacement doors. Our solutions are customizable to your specific needs. We believe that giving our clients what they want is the best way to earn their future business. With a host of features, including safety, security, reliability, and beauty, we will give you the best from the moment you decide on our products.

Houston automatic door service offers a wide variety of fully automated solutions that are created to enhance your business. You can expect superior craftsmanship, security, reliability, and safety. We offer everything from sliding, swinging, bi-folding, revolving doors for restaurant entrances, pharmacy doors, rolling doors to storefronts.

Houston Automatic doors provides only the best entry door products for commercial businesses. We offer several styles of glass styling options, including frosted, metal mirrored, and bright montage. We also provide fire rated glass, and more!

Our automatic doors greet both customers and employees with a convenient entrance, and our team provides reliable service. With options for both interior and exterior applications, you can count on us to provide solutions to your door opening requirements.

Our service area serves not only Houston and surrounding cities. Our award-winning service technicians are here to provide superior customer service and repairs to those in the Houston area. We are dedicated to meeting your needs, providing fast service at competitive prices.

Houston automatic doors build each door to meet the specific needs of your entryway, providing both security and beauty. We can install nearly any kind of door, including glass partitions, security glass, wood, aluminum, and steel entryways, sliding glass doors, bi-folding doors, hurricane impact doors, and more. All automatically operated doors are designed to meet building code requirements for fire exit access. We also provide standard intercom systems for exterior entryways.

Why Houston automatic doors for your Hospitality doors?

Make your first impression unforgettable. Houston automatic doors will help you make an impression with patrons, guests, and employees. Our door systems are designed for maximum security with easy hands-free operation ensuring smooth use whether it be equipment or luggage. Houston automatic doors provide peace of mind knowing the door is both secure and reliable for years to come."

Houston automatic doors use a broad range of systems to improve security and functionality for a wide range of applications. Our products are used in a wide range of industries including schools, hotels, hospitals, retail establishments and law enforcement facilities across Texas. Our door systems are suitable for medical facilities with the proper fire protection rating.

Houston automatic doors offer a wide range of automated door solutions for hotels and hospitals. Our fully automated solutions eliminate traffic jams and delays at the entrance as well as reduce injuries by eliminating hands-on operations during business hours. Whether you want exterior sliding doors, interior sliding doors, hotel lobby doors they have you covered.

Our automatic doors also offer enhanced security, smooth operation, and easy maintenance. Whether you choose one of our elegant wood door frames or an entry system with glass, you can be confident in choosing Houston Automatic door Company for your new custom door.

From push buttons to keypads and keypad/card reader combinations, we offer a wide range of access control options including the latest in biometric readers. Houston automatic doors is your one-stop source for both high-speed doors and barrier free solutions, including the most comprehensive line of door operators available anywhere. Whether your building is open or enclosed, Houston offers a wide range of solutions for controlled access.

Houston automatic doors is a leading provider of automatic doors, hardware, and components for the commercial and industrial sectors. With over 30 years of industry experience and an unwavering commitment to excellence, we excel at exceeding our customers' expectations every single time. Contact us today to discover how we can make your entryways truly stand out.

Complete fire door solutions

Fire is a serious threat that leads to fire injuries and even deaths also. Hence, fire safety is of the utmost importance in every hotel environment. Our complete fire door solutions are a big help in preventing the fire from spreading inside a hotel. These fire doors can effectively prevent a fire from moving further inside a building since they isolate it from other rooms or floors.

In case, if a fire breaks out in a room due to unforeseen circumstances, these fire doors close the passage to the other parts of the building and hence become an effective tool for minimizing the impact of a blaze. In addition to purchasing our complete fire door solutions you will also be able to avail installation services at an affordable price. Other than that, we also offer repair and replacement service for your existing fire doors.

Our complete fire door solutions are tested for various ratings, enabling you to choose the right level of protection for your project. We offer flush doors in wood frame and stile and rail doors with 20-minute, 45-minute or 90-minute ratings for ultimate flexibility. Our fire door solutions offer the flexibility you need. Beyond meeting applicable codes and industry standards.

The hotel fire doors can also be used in conjunction with automatic fire alarm devices, smoke detectors and sprinkler installations to cover all safety bases for your hotel or travel accommodation. Fire doors give improved protection from fire and hold back smoke, heat and fumes spread by a fire.

Fire rated doors must be self-closing, which is ensured by the use of high-quality materials for insulation purposes. This helps to make sure that fire stays confined in the room of origin and also cuts down on the damage done by a fire.

Our team of highly experienced professionals will provide the right recommendations for you to not only justify your purchase, but to implement it with ease. We stand by all our products and welcome the prospect of working closely with you to help prevent fires.

What are Fire doors and its standard types

Fire doors have a few vital safety features and really can be the difference between life and death. Two of the most important functions fire doors have are:

  • When closed, they form a barrier to stop the spread of fire
  • When opened, they provide a means of escape

Wood fire door

Security and the Law require hotels to have fire doors or FR doors to minimize the risk of fire spreading. Fire doors, Fire rated doors or Fire-resistant doors are specific doors that must pass certain tests in order to be listed as such. These doors are subjected to heat, smoke and fire in order to withstand the test. our fire door technicians go through extensive training in order to be certified.

Rolling fire doors

Our advanced fire door systems are activated by smoke, heat or other alarms and automatically close, locking together to prevent the fire and smoke from migrating throughout the building. Let our rolling fire doors keep your property safe, allowing occupants to safely evacuate.

We install the most efficient and durable solutions with the best materials available. These include our Rolling Fire doors, as well as our fire door frames and dampers. We also do annual fire door inspection and testing.

Revolving doors

Houston automatic doors offer revolving doors that are ideal for high traffic areas in hospitals, hotels, office buildings, and more. Our revolving doors are available in manual, powered, and security models. Our security revolving doors are available in a variety of styles, including one-way, two-way, glass that is bullet resistant, systems that prevent piggybacking and tailgating, and matless designs.

A revolving door is a type of door that allows traffic to pass through a building in a clockwise direction, rather than using a vestibule or other entrances. Our revolving door systems can help you efficiently control entry in highly trafficked areas. Whether your building is in need of safety upgrades or you are concerned with saving on energy costs, our revolving door systems can meet your needs.

Automatic sliding door

Houston automatic doors install sliding door systems for industrial and commercial applications of all kinds. Our products and installers are backed by years of experience, and we offer a full line of maintenance agreements to help keep your doors operating smoothly for many years to come.

These doors are engineered to specific wind load specifications and can be installed to meet the needs of even the most demanding operation. All of our sliding door systems are noise free and quiet enough to last in heavy traffic settings.

Automatic sliding door systems from Houston automatic doors are also ideal for food-processing facilities, restaurants, supermarkets, warehouses, and similar enterprises. These products meet the requirements of the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) for ensuring food safety during storage and transportation, as well as the standards set out by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA).

Automatic swing and Folding doors

We're proud to offer a wide variety of swing doors and folding doors in hotels and restaurants. The construction, repair and maintenance of our swing doors is done with no compromises to quality and usability. Our doors come in single-slide, double-slide systems with a choice of in-swing or out-swing, depending on your specific space needs.

We offer in-swing or out-swing options in single, pair or double sizes, with left or right-hand swings, in manual or ADA low energy versions, in high power versions for commercial spaces, in high power versions for non-commercial spaces. The great thing about our doors is that they can be custom fit to your space to accommodate your needs. Anytime you need a new swing door or repair or maintenance, we will send a licensed and AADM certified technician to your hotel or restaurant.

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