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At Houston automatic doors, we pride ourselves on our exceptional reputation and work ethic. To prove it, we guarantee your satisfaction with every door we install. Our technicians are all AAADM certified and trained to provide the highest-level service and care for each and every door we install and repair.

Hospitals and medical facilities have specialized access needs with the toughest building codes. Many openings require a fire door, and for some applications hermetic door closure is necessary. Houston Automatic doors is your source for guaranteed, reliable full service door repairs and maintenance. We work diligently to keep facilities operational with the most dynamic door solutions available today.


Revolving doors for hospitals and long-term care facilities

Revolving doors are the most versatile entrance solution for health care facilities. They meet all ADA, building codes and international standards. Hospital revolving doors are designed to give hospitals smooth access for gurneys, wheelchairs, food trolleys and other large equipment.

The right size diameter can accommodate wheelchairs and walkers with ease, while still allowing tall users to pass through easily. Our goal is to provide the customer with a door that will enhance the existing architectural environment, as well as meet all ADA entrance criteria for safe patient and staff access. We look forward to serving you!

Revolving doors for hospital entrances are custom designed to meet the strict requirements of health care facilities. They offer impressive architectural appeal, generous openings and the extra advantage of a constant seal for energy efficiency and LEED credits.

Healthcare sliding door solution

Houston automatic doors are engineered to meet the higher demands of healthcare facilities and provide an unequalled level of dependability and security. Houston automatic door experts will help you review your existing system, and ensure it meets all current criteria for patient safety and regulatory compliance.

Our expert team maintains the highest levels of safety for you and your staff, whilst adhering to your budgets and timelines. we’re dedicated to giving our customers 100% satisfaction. We offer expert sales and installation of sliding door entrance solutions, as well as repairs and full-service maintenance. We have been the leading provider of automatic sliding doors for hospitals, medical offices.

Swinging doors and folding doors for new construction or retrofitting

Houston Automatic doors is your door source for all emergency service. Houston automatic doors installs and services automatic sliding, swinging and folding doors. Houston automatic doors provide quality service and products that meet the needs of any high-traffic building, whether it is a commercial or medical facility.

Houston Automatic doors specializes in the installation of ADA compliant automatic doors for restricted use areas including hotels, hospitals, restaurants, public buildings, nightclubs, bars, mausoleum, nursing homes, auditoriums, churches, handicap restrooms and indoor/outdoor entryways for new or existing buildings.

Houston automatic doors can provide you with all of your needs for both swing door operators and folding doors. Our goal is to assist you in the planning stages of your project and installing a safe, reliable automatic door solution to increase your facility efficiency.

Houston automatic door installs and sells custom swing and folding door operator systems: we know that every door is unique and we provide you with customized solutions to meet your needs and budget.

Swing doors are used instead of sliding doors when a large opening is required or for fire department egress facilities. Specialty operators may be needed for extremely heavy doors such as lead lined doors, emergency exits for hospitals and medical facilities, and storage vaults.

In facilities with automatic door operators, swing out doors are often installed to control traffic flow through a building or into a lobby or lobby vestibule. Our decades of experience and expert-level skill set is what sets us apart from other automated door companies.

Patient room doors

Our patient rooms doors allow high-quality movement, accessibility, and ease of use. Houston automatic door services a broad offering of automatic swing and sliding doors as well as manual barn door configurations for patient rooms, exam rooms, and much more. Why not offer the patient an option to leave the door completely or partially open without the need to break out the doors?

These doors are ideal for optimum space utilization. They are automatic, automated doors that convert an existing standard access door into an automatic swing or sliding doorway. They provide safety and convenience for patients, visitors, staff and doctors

The automatic swing doors are typically used for hospital waiting rooms and patient rooms. These automatic doors can be opened by key card or by using the floor trigger switch which is ideal for patient privacy.

Hospital door hardware needs to stand up to even the most demanding conditions

Houston automatic doors offers a complete line of products that excel against all industry standards for quality, performance, and appearance. Houston automatic door specializes in designs for your specific needs, such as: fire protection, easy entry by wheelchair and bed, compliance with ADA guidelines and many others.

Houston automatic door offers the toughest door assemblies for door frame and door, and has a solution to any of your needs. We help healthcare facilities protect their patients with the latest innovations in fire protection, access control, finger protection and more. We provide a full line of door hardware dedicated to meeting customers’ specific needs while helping them save on maintenance costs.

Call us for your specialized applications doors.

We've been in this business for a long time and have the skill and knowledge to handle any kind of door installation and repair service. Choose from our many options for interior and exterior automatic and manual doors. Upgrade your building to an automated entry for better safety, security and client comfort with doors from Houston automatic doors.

If you need a specific type of door, please give us a call like UL 1784 Smoke Infiltration barrier, Mechanical breakaway hardware with Continuous rim exit device, self-closing doors, AIIR, Card Access Interfaces, AO/HO Turnstiles, etc.! Our dedication to excellent service results in on-time delivery, customization based on your project requirements, and technical expertise you need

Airborne isolation infection room doors

Some hospitals understand the value of isolation rooms and how they can prevent airborne infection transmission. Others don’t understand or give attention too. An airtight or positive pressure isolation room door is an important part of any isolation room setup because it keeps the center at a negative pressure.

This means the door creates a barrier to infiltration of outside particles and organisms to keep safe from airborne infection transmission. Hospitals also have requirements for doors to be activated with touchless sensors so staff avoid contamination.

Hospitals have air infiltration requirements for negative, positive and combination pressure isolation rooms. These can be used for an operating theatre and airborne isolation infection rooms. Houston automatic doors offer isolation rooms doors with different levels of protection. They can help you control air exchange and protect patients and health care workers against airborne infections.

Houston Automatic doors provides automatic isolation room doors that help ensure against airborne infections. They are available in electromechanical or no power self-closing. The Healthcare industry is always searching for ways to prevent airborne infections from Moving around the hospital. One solution is sealed isolation room doors that reduce air leakage and Contamination Through precisely engineered perimeter seals and self-closing devices.

Houston automatic doors are your source for ventilation, air treatment, air filtration and isolation room doors for hospitals, research facilities, blood banks, medical laboratories, pharmaceutical companies, veterinary agencies, and any other place where isolation of airborne pathogens is required.

Critical Care and Intensive Care Systems

Houston automatic doors is a family-owned business located in Houston, Texas. Our product line consists of self-closing fire rated ICU/IMU/CCU door systems, with the full breakaway feature, high security custom panic hardware, automatic enclosed unit doors with the full breakaway feature and the first airborne infection isolation room door that requires no power.

The ICU Enclosure allows you to maximize views, reduce clutter, and increase safety for patients, families, staff and visitors. The critical care and intensive care systems can be fitted with a full breakaway door, allowing the door panels to swing completely away from the door when required. This effectively creates a large opening in the patient’s room or department to enable swift and safe passage of both patients and equipment in and out of the space.

When public health and safety are at stake, it is critical that critical care and intensive care systems be engineered for optimal performance. It is designed to maximize both protective and therapeutic air exchange inside the room while affording superior security, safety, and operational ease.

The self-closing smoke-rated ICU/IMU doors protect against fire and smoke spread while creating a seamless seal to maintain room pressure. Houston Automatic ICU doors offer the highest airborne infection isolation barrier available.

Our fully integrated electronically monitored fire safety systems are certified to EN54-16 and designed to work in accordance with BS8538-2, BS7924-1 and BSI Kitemark standards. These systems improve life safety, security, and infection control in healthcare facilities. They include alarms, door control units, smoke control panels and door exit devices which offer 24 hours monitoring, coding facilities for ward access and provide automatic fail closed functionality.

Reliable drive-thru security windows

Drive-thru windows are used in many different industries. They’re clearly effective for fast food drive-thru, but they can also serve businesses that need to control access or serve customers quickly. The smooth operation of the drive-thru window is very important to help customers in a friendly and efficient manner.

Providing custom-made security windows that fit specific security needs. We have many years of experience in installing and repairing hospitals' security windows. Our service technicians know all the most common issues with this product and how to fix them. They're familiar with the brands and parts used in these windows and can provide advice on maintenance and upgrades.

These windows are designed to meet the security needs of pharmacies, hospitals and clinics. Transaction drawers, bullet resistant glass, key locks and other options provide added protection. We can customize our safety windows to fulfill your security needs. We have the versatility you need at a price that fits your budget.

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