Government and Municipality Doors

Government and Municipality

Houston automatic doors experts have supported countless government projects, specifically retrofits such as meeting ADA accessibility requirements or achieving faster high speed door open rates to improve emergency response time. We focus on supporting skilled professionals who handle front end design and programming of our systems that improve operational costs and efficiency.

From law enforcement to emergency response, our systems enhance safety and security at the point of entry. Our skilled technicians specialize in all types of automatic doors—from high speed doors to revolving doors to trapezoidal doors in need of repair.

We have worked with facilities in many different capacities from increasing the safety of stairwells to retrofitting doors to be hurricane resistant. Our years of experience have given us unrivaled expertise when it comes to replacing and adding new automatic door equipment anywhere in your facilities.


When it comes to government and municipal buildings, accessibility, safety, security and efficiency are critical considerations. We are here to help make sure all government and municipal buildings are running smoothly, efficiently, and safely. By taking care of small projects and major repairs, you can get back to focusing on what matters most.

The Government and municipality solution helps to make government buildings more efficient, secure, sustainable, accessible and resilient. Through our joint focus on excellence in delivery, we are able to help you achieve your security, energy efficiency and sustainability goals together.

Compliance, regulatory and best practice experts

Our extensive experience has turned our employees into experts in the industry. Years of resolving building code issues and complying with local and federal regulations make Houston automatic door a prime resource for compliance and regulatory expertise, as well as best practices.

Houston Automatic doors has the experience, know-how and team of compliance and regulatory (COR) compliance, regulatory and best practice (CBP) experts to get your project accomplished on time, within budget and with the least amount of hassle. We provide access control solutions, FD90 barrier free entry solutions, ADA compliance solutions for public restrooms.

Our experienced service technicians are factory-trained and certified in all aspects of their trade. This training along with ongoing continuing education ensures that they are at the top of their game in terms of knowledge and performance.

A workforce educated in the latest best practices, needs and regulatory changes provide a personalized service tailored for our customers' unique needs. This is why we stand out amongst all automatic doors companies in Houston.

Houston Automatic Doors assigns a dedicated project manager to handle your specific installation. Our team is always available (24/7) to be available for any questions or concerns that may arise along the way.

Find out how Houston automatic doors can help your facility in the following capacities

Houston Automatic doors, serving the greater Houston metropolitan area, provides full-service glass door and security gate installation. We understand the importance of ADA accessibility guidelines for building and facility owners, since they help to ensure compliance with fire code regulations. We are proud to provide many of these upgrades within the city's architectural fabric.

From fire-rated automatic doors, to weather-resistant entrances, to ADA compliant solutions for handicap access, we can increase efficiency and protect your people, your property and your bottom line.

Doors, ranging from security doors to fire doors, can be opened automatically by a remote control, proximity card or keypad. In addition, our products serve as multiple-function security systems that incorporate motion detectors, motion sensing cameras and access control systems.

Whether you're looking to increase security, enhance energy efficiency, control traffic flow or improve aesthetics, we have a solution. Our systems can meet or exceed ADA Accessibility Guidelines for buildings and facilities, ensure compliance with Fire and Life Safety Codes before fire marshal inspections, incorporate security systems for asset protection.

We provide emergency services anytime, 24/7/365 days , and upgrade doors and glass to ballistic or impact-resistant options to protect against excessive force. As a family-owned business with decades of experience in the Houston market, Houston automatic doors delivers top quality products, services and systems that exceed client expectations at every turn.

Building a safe community

Whether you are looking to control access to a facility, limit access to sensitive areas, support evacuation procedures, or allow free flow of traffic within a facility; all-about-access has the product to meet your needs. Numerous in-stock access control products in multiple configurations give you options in meeting our customer’s wants and needs.

The right doors and door hardware can help maximize facility safety by controlling access, directing traffic flow, and providing for emergency egress from a building. The choice of the appropriate type of door and hardware can be overwhelming when it comes to meeting regulatory requirements or addressing specific applications. Bollman Security Consulting has the expertise to help you select the right door and hardware for your facility protection needs.

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