Health care exam room door

Health Care Exam Room Door

The healthcare sliding door industry is fairly small. Healthcare exam room doors are predominantly barn doors with manual sliding configurations. The reason these products can help reduce the spread of healthcare associated infections (HAIs) is due to the unique hinge system which allows the door to be closed with one motion, trapping 99.99% of all potential cross contamination inside the room being treated.

Anyone who has ever entered an exam room, then opened doors to adjacent rooms will appreciate this feature. Health care doors are built to meet the demands of today’s healthcare environment. The hinges are designed to be fully opened by just one person at a time, helping to prevent cross-contamination in healthcare facilities.

With these specialized doors you can save space, money, and the environment by reducing the spread of disease and infection. Save doctors time and patients exposure to infections and germs. So when you leave a room, it’s already closed. That means less chance of spreading germs in the hallway and in the next room.


Privacy and HIPAA compliance is extremely important for health care providers, and fortunately we’re able to help. These exam room doors help to maximize your floor space and offer a concealed floor guide that won’t get in the way of rolling carts.

Our system is also perfect for rooms where privacy is key such as gynecology and psychiatry rooms. Additionally, these doors can be taken down in an emergency much like rescue hardware so you don’t have to worry about suffering from a lack of disaster preparedness.

The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, or HIPAA, is a law that provides for this right. How does this law apply to patients and doctors? When you’re looking for new exam room doors , you want them to be effective yet affordable. Our new door system is able to do this while still keeping your office up to code.

Our door system also enables the room doors to be removed in an emergency much like rescue hardware so you can keep your clinic running smoothly. Our privacy doors give you the freedom to design your rooms however you want, giving each room its own feel.

We offer many different types of doors for this reason, including our disaster prep escape hardware that will allow for quick evacuation in the event of an emergency. We are dedicated to making sure that your patients receive the same level of care you would provide in any other situation.

we understand that privacy and compliance is important in every practice. That’s why we’ve developed a series of versatile and innovative door systems that fit any size space and ensure your patients and staff will be protected.

Have you ever stepped in to a health care establishment like a doctor's office and wondered why the door doesn't close when it should? You've come to the right place. We provide exam room doors that we guarantee to close properly and lock effectively with any type of latch and frame.

Our hardware can also be customized for personal preference and taste, and we guarantee professional workmanship every time. Whether your exam room requires privacy or security is most important, we have standard mechanisms available or we can create a custom mechanism for you at no extra charge. We can even do custom artistic engraving on all of our hardware!

The exam slide door automatic door will get you on the right track. Exam Slide meets rigorous demands of today's lean Healthcare facilities. These sliding doors were purpose built for healthcare and are constructed with the highest quality, commercial grade hardware, along with precision engineered framing system to provide years of trouble free service.

Exam slide is designed for applications that require frequent repeated opening and closing of the door. By combining the benefits of a sliding and swinging door in one system, your facility's energy and maintenance costs will be reduced by up to 40% and the time and cost of opening and closing a swinging door is eliminated.

Exam slide is a patented vertical sliding door system that provides added privacy and improved security, is convenient and allows patients to enter or exit in their wheelchair or on crutches, without offering the ability to proceed any further. There’s no getting around it the healthcare industry is in dire need of improvement when it comes to quality and efficiency.

How many of us have walked through a hospital and noticed the sliding doors we pass through to get to the hospital rooms? What we don’t realize is that those doors serve multiple purposes they keep the room temperature consistent for patient comfort and help maintain the air quality of the entire hospital.

You can’t afford the breakdown of a door in a medical facility, especially during a pandemic. From the hospital entrance doors to the individual hospital room door, each and every door needs to work flawlessly and around the clock.

All of our mobile technicians are certified by the Door and Access Systems Manufacturers Association (DASMA). They’ll make it their top priority to get your door operational as soon as possible. After all, proper foot traffic flow is essential for the efficient operation of any healthcare facility.

Our AAADM certified technicians have extensive experience with any door in your clinic or healthcare facility. Their vans are stocked with door hardware, and they are ready for almost any repair to your sliding door, swinging door or Revolving door, ICU, CCU doors or any other automatic door and manual doors.

We offer 24/7 emergency service for all doors in your healthcare facility. Just give us a call to your friendly automatic door specialists. You’re busy. We get that. That’s why we’ll be there for you. Call us now for prompt, friendly service anytime, anywhere.

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