Covid 19 Touchless Solution

Hands Free Door/ Touchless Door Solutions

Houston automatic doors provide hands-free touchless automatic door solutions to our consumers. From healthcare facilities to schools, government buildings, offices, and restrooms. Touchless door activation is an excellent way to drastically reduce the spreading of germs and viruses in commercial buildings? Door handles are typically the most germ-infested objects in a building, and it is quite possible to contract Covid-19 just from touching the handle of a door.

The AAADM Certified Technicians of Houston automatic doors service have the skill and experience to retrofit your commercial doors with automatic sensors. Your staff and visitors will be able to open and close doors without touching them. This drastically reduces the risk of contamination.


Contact us today to install hands free activation sensors for the doors in your commercial facilities or residential buildings. Germs can easily be passed from one person to the next by touching dirty door handles. This is not only relevant for Covid-19 and the flu, but also for other germs such as bacteria, fungi and protozoa. This can cause many different diseases, including food poisoning, strep throat, rashes and diarrhea.

In areas where touch-free access is required, automatic doors provide a safe and sanitary solution. In healthcare facilities, schools, government buildings, offices and restrooms, automatic access offers a time efficient solution to improve efficiency of employees and visitors of all ages.

In recent years, the issue of infection control within healthcare facilities has received a significant amount of media coverage. Many hospitals have begun to address this area by employing a hands-free touchless access solution as part of their infection control process. Houston automatic doors is committed to the specific needs of its clients during this time of crisis, and therefore offers a number of touchless access solutions.

Houston Automatic doors can upgrade your current entrance to an automatic door system. We have been providing easy, affordable and convenient solutions for door and hardware upgrades since 1989. For an added layer of protection, Houston automatic doors offer high performance antimicrobial finishes on all products.

One of the main responsibilities of a facilities manager is to keep staff and visitors safe by preventing the spreading of germs. Cleaning and disinfecting door knobs and door handles is one of the main ways of doing that. However, that takes a lot of time and effort. Replacing mechanical door handles with automatic functionality is a great alternative.

Upgrade your doors to hands-free

Now you can upgrade your existing sliding door to hands-free access. Great for businesses, bars, restaurants, theaters, hospitals or anywhere you have a passing crowd. Our hands-free replacement door openers are the perfect solution for most existing sliding and swinging doors. With 24/7 Customer Service and Installation, we strive to provide you with the best service and experience possible! Upgrading your doors to hands-free is an excellent way to make your facility more functional and secure.

Wave sensors and motion detectors

Doors that Open Without Touching? Doors that opened without touching them were the stuff of myths and legends, but in today’s world, this is a functionality which is possible to implement in a number of modern businesses, including supermarkets. Most of these systems use a combination of Wave Sensors and Motion Detectors placed in a doorway.

Creating a safe and usable environment for people who find it hard to grip and hold things can be a challenge. At Hands Free and Touchless Access Solutions we recognize all the challenges and dedicate our efforts to innovating accessibility solutions that make life easier and safer for everyone.


When the door opens, the wave sensor detects an approaching hand and activates the door to close. This option is available only with digital access and full automation systems and continuous HID (hidden indirect infrared) beams on each side of the doorway.

Electromagnetic door holder

Relay electromagnetic door holders provide a touchless solution for your doorway, avoiding accidental contact with cold metal handles and levers. You can go through the door by just simply walking up to it. It makes it easier for people to use a door without having to touch it. Electromagnetic door holders reduce workplace contamination by being touchless, germ-free, and gel-free.

Electric lock Retraction

We install and sell electric lock retraction systems including the widest range of locks motorized and non-motorized for both low and high traffic areas. These include, in addition to the electrically operated and automatic return and control mechanisms and in-arm or in-floor motorized door rollers: access control readers, card readers, keypads, biometric systems, timers for opening and closing equipment.

Hands Free door Retractors require only a single point of contact which reduces friction on the hinge and can greatly extend its lifespan. They are widely used in hospitals, pharmaceutical facilities, food processing plants, hotels, department stores and airports which require strict hygiene regulations.

Safety with touchless door

Hands-free technology is now widely available. Our automatic activation switches can be installed for existing doors in commercial buildings such as hospitals, residential care facilities, schools and government buildings. We can keep your staff and visitors safe by installing hands-free door switches such as wave sensors and motion sensors for any door in your commercial building.

  • Industrial buildings: Touchless switches in manufacturing, chemical processing, and control rooms
  • Commercial properties: Wave sensors for offices, apartments and condos
  • Healthcare facilities: Automatic doors in waiting rooms, ICU and offices
  • Cleanroom environments: Wave to open doors in laboratories and research facilities
  • Business environments: Sliding doors for retail outlets, shopping centers and warehouses

At any entrance where touch-free access is needed, simply press a button with your foot or wave your hand to go in and out of a building. Auto-open doors achieve the ideal balance between time, safety and cost savings. Auto-open doors achieve all of this at a fraction of the cost of other entrance solutions. Aside from the reduced cross-contamination, our hands-free switches have additional features, such as:

  • Compliance with Americans with Disabilities Act
  • Improved convenience for occupants
  • Increased value of your property
  • Energy savings through automatic door closers

Hands free door installation

Call on our A.A.A.D.M certified technicians to retrofit your commercial doors with hands free door openers. We handle the installation of a single automatic operator just as well as large-scale installations of hands-free door sensors throughout large commercial buildings.

If you can dream it up, we can build it! From simple manual systems to complete custom automation. Not sure what you need? Let us help. We provide automatic door maintenance and repair services in Houston. Our professional team will work with you to solve all your door opening needs. Contact us today for more information on which package is best for you.

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