Commercial Door Repair Service

Commercial Door Repair Service

Houston automatic doors offer same day services as well as emergency repairs for commercial door systems. Our technicians arrive fast, and their vans are stocked with spare parts for almost any necessary repair to your commercial and automatic doors. We service and repair all models of automated entrance systems from all automatic door manufacturers.

We solve door problems for any type of door, from automatic sliding doors to revolving doors. All our service technicians are AAADM certified and have many years’ experience in making sure you have the safest and most efficient commercial doors possible.

When called for a problem we diagnose the issue first, and with your approval fix it professionally and fast. Call us for any issues with door operations, whether you need emergency assistance, regular commercial door maintenance, or automatic door installation, repair service and retrofit.


We are providing door repairs for commercial buildings. We provide door repairs on all types of sliding doors, automatic sliding doors, revolving doors, pedestrian doors and double-sided swing doors. Our strength lies in our ability to understand that each facility is unique, therefore requiring customized solutions.

We specialize in helping business owners find the right solution to their sliding doors problems. And as a top-rated business of the industry, we have a strong track record. Our team can help you prevent costly door problems from occurring by providing your building with proper maintenance and repair services.

For over half a century, these doors have been the premier choice for thousands of tenants and business owners throughout the world looking for access control solutions that are simple yet effective. If you are searching for commercial door repair services, you should know that you can rely on our experienced specialists to suggest repairs or upgrades for your system.

What’s more, we provide a specialized service team who can ensure your entire commercial door system is running smoothly and efficiently at all times by providing inspections of your door system every six months, as well as maintenance of your doors on a weekly or monthly basis. This is done through preventive maintenance of all components including tracks, locks, rollers, hinges and cables. In doing so, we will protect both you and your customers from injuries. And unlike some automatic door companies.

Our expert AADM trained and certified technicians provide you with the best service possible. We arrive fast, and make sure your commercial or automatic door is safe and efficient before leaving the site. If there are any issues with your door, we will fix it before leaving for a reasonable fee.

Our company's mission is making sure your automatic doors are safe and working properly. We know you have a choice where to go for service, but we guarantee that if you give us a chance you will be thrilled with our results.

Retail Door Repair

The businesses that would greatly benefit from automatic door installation are hotels, airports, malls, office buildings, warehouses, schools, hospitals, restaurants, bars, shops, grocery stores, parking garages etc. Houston automatic doors When it comes to repairing your already existing automatic door, we are experts in automatic door hardware, such as actuators, infrared sensors, and automatic door closers.

The automatic door installation and repair service that you will receive is top of the line. Regardless of what kind of automatic door you have, we are experts in installing and fixing automatic sliding doors and automatic swing doors. We are dedicated to the success of our customers. Our customers are the most important asset in our business. We have developed a reputation of being completely reliable, transparent, trustworthy, licensed and insured.

Nothing ruins a shopping experience more than a broken door. Houston automatic doors. is extremely familiar with high traffic doors and problems that arise with sliding, automatic, folding, swing and revolving doors. Keep reading for more information on how you can choose the best retail door repair company. Most people don’t want to deal with the hassle of needing to call an expert.

Retail door repair can be expensive. In fact, if not done properly, a small bit of annoying noise can turn into a serious problem! Retail door manufacturers have to continuously design new products and meet strict safety standards in order to be recognized as safe among door installers everywhere.

Unexplained noises, loss of security, and poor wear and tear are just some of the problems that can occur in your retail store. It’s essential to know what you’re doing when it comes to making sure the doors in your retail store are working smoothly.

Most people have no idea how much money they could save on retail door repair if their doors are taken care of fast. While it may be tempting to find the lowest quote available, cheaper service does not necessarily mean better service! And keep in mind, a repair job can go from being too expensive to costing you even more money if left unattended for long.

Our expert team of commercial door professionals are here to help you with all your needs when it comes to doors. From automatic door installation and maintenance of your systems to regular inspections and repairs, our company is your one-stop shop for all of your commercial door needs. We offer fast response times and fast fix service.

Houston automatic doors are the ultimate in convenience, security and safety for businesses, schools, airports, shopping centers, hotels and many other facilities in need of automatic access. Our access control system ensures that only authorized visitors can enter, reducing shrinkage and improving workplace efficiency.

Our customers are the most important asset in our business. We have developed a reputation of being completely reliable, transparent, trustworthy, licensed and insured, which is why they turn to us when they need their automatic doors fixed or new ones installed.

In addition, the cost of door repair could be deducted from your business' profit margin which could end up being a loss if not taken care of soon! This is why it is so important to learn the basics about retail door repair so you have an idea about how much it will cost you and how much profit you make. Our experts can perform all service and maintenance on all makes and models of retail pedestrian doors. From custom installations, to repair, service and more, call Houston automatic doors now.

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