Commercial automatic entrance door Installation

Commercial Door Installation

It is important for any building to have an automatic entrance door because it can help promote safety, save space, and conserve energy. There are two main types of automatic entrance door systems - electric and mechanical. The type of system you will need will have to be determined based on the situation of your property.

We offer upfront pricing for all of our door installation and repair services. Whether your business is large or small, you need to know immediately whether our service will fall within your budget. Our prices are fair, realistic, and competitive; they guarantee no hidden fees or unpleasant surprises. Commercial customers benefit from the most knowledgeable and skilled technicians in the industry backed by an industry leading warranty.

Most buildings, however, typically have mechanical entrance door systems because it typically uses very little energy.


The system typically has an electric door closer that is used to close the door after people walk through the doorway. The type of system that is right for you will depend upon the situation at hand. Most buildings, however, tend to use mechanical entrance doors because it is typically less expensive than an electric door system.

An automatic entrance door system is the perfect addition to your building. With an electric door closer, it helps to save on energy consumed by using an automatic door opener. This is especially useful for businesses that must conserve energy on a daily basis.

Another great benefit of automatic entrance doors is that it can help decrease the amount of calls to the fire department because the door system will perform a "fire-check". The automatic door will contain a sensor that will detect any smoke or flames from their entrances and shut down the doors. This is very beneficial because it will prevent people from entering a burning building if they should not be in there.

Automatic doors are doors that can open by itself to let someone in or out of a building or room. Automatic entrance doors provide convenience to your guests and employees. They are a great solution for high traffic areas, as they allow for quick and easy access. In addition, they can help control energy costs by reducing air infiltration and other forms of air loss. There are many great reasons to choose automatic entrance doors for your commercial property.

Automatic doors are doors that open automatically without the aid of any human power. These are usually found in buildings that are frequently visited, such as hotels or shopping malls. Automatic doors are also sometimes used for buildings that are frequently accessed by the physically challenged. The doors are designed to open when a person approaches them. The person can then enter the building without having to wait for someone to open the door.

Commercial automatic entrance door Installation there are many doors to select from when it comes to commercial applications. Selecting the right door is important because it will need to meet the needs of the customer. It needs to be durable, affordable, easy to maintain, and safe.

Some of the doors you could choose are steel doors with or without glass, aluminum framed doors with or without glass, steel framed doors with or without glass, wooden framed doors with or without glass, power operated sliding doors, power operated bifold doors, Swing doors and Automatic revolving doors.

As our lives become ever busier, the need to enhance security and convenience for building occupants is becoming ever more important. Automatic doors are the fastest, most convenient way to ensure that your building is secure, energy efficient and welcoming. This is achieved through a system of technology that automatically opens or closes your entrance doors, thereby enhancing security, convenience and accessibility.

Automatic entrance doors are door or opening in your property that automatically opens in one of 4 ways, either a sliding system, a folding system, swinging and revolving doors if a person attempts to close an opening using a key they can easily pass through the automatically opening door.

Our commercial entrance door systems are the proven choice for a high performance, sustainable building, offering tangible advantages for green design along with a solid reputation for rugged dependability. Select from a wide range of access solutions including several innovative packages for healthcare facilities, security entrances, service windows, hurricane-rated applications and other installations that are well-known strengths of the Houston automatic door.

Our systems feature rugged construction and superior weather seals in exterior doors for environmental efficiency. All are available in a low-maintenance, highly energy efficient. The product feature superior energy efficiency to reduce materials and repair costs, minimizing downtime and minimizing maintenance requirements. All our security system packages are tested and proven as safe.

Our experienced AAADM certified employees are available for the installation of automatic doors and commercial doors throughout Houston. We provide you with a complete automatic door solution and can supply and install repair and maintenance.

Our team is trained, experienced, and fully insured, with state of the art automatic door installation equipment for all of your needs whether you need an automatic door to be installed at your warehouse, facility, office, retail store, or medical facility. We can help you with all of your commercial construction needs. We provide you with a complete automatic door solution and can supply and install all of the following:

Automatic sliding door, Automatic folding door, Swing door, Revolving door, Commercial door and Drive thru window installations, Health care door installations, Industrial door installation, Handicap / ADA door opener installation, Other specialty pedestrian doors, Install automatic folding and sliding doors, Install door opener for handicapped people automatic door installation.

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For every automatic door and automatic window installation, you go through our tried-and-true three step process to ensure you get not only the best possible products, but also proper and safe installation. Call us today to learn more about our products and services.

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