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Tips to Maintain Your Automatic Doors

Automatic doors are very efficient when functioning properly, but they can cause problems whenever they break down or malfunction. You may find yourself stranded in front of your own door, not knowing what to do. This expert will show you how to avoid this situation and keep your automatic door in top shape for many years to come.

The special feature of the maintenance of automatic doors is that proper care extends their life by many times. On the other hand, neglect leads to getting broken, jammed or damaged. Therefore, if automatic door maintenance is done in time, there will be no problem in the functioning of the door.

The automatic doors are equipped with sophisticated sensors and complex automation systems, and its troubleshooting and repair technique is difficult even for an experienced technician. Therefore, it is not recommended to try to repair the automatic doors yourself. Accidents are likely to occur due to the complexity of the system, that is why it is recommended to call an experienced company for fixing.

The control and maintenance of automatic doors are increasingly regulated by legislation. Despite this, as soon as your automatic doors give you a warning that they could seriously break down, you can contact our company immediately. but don’t worry! Here are some simple tips for proper maintenance.

Lubrication of Automatic doors

Many door squeaking problems can be solved by simply lubricating the moving parts of the door where there is friction. This includes hinges, locks and latches, rollers, tracks and dollies. The following is a guide that will show you where to lubricate your automatic doors to prevent further squeaking.

If we want to lubricate the automatic doors we first have to clean the squeaking parts. The next step is to lubricate them using some graphite or tack oil. For some door equipment, some areas will need more graphite than others; those components that require more greasing can be made of graphite or tack oil alone.

You should first make sure that any possible door squeaking is not due to any broken parts. You have to check the friction systems like hinges, lock and latch to avoid noise and wear and tear problems. These are the main points that you should worry about greasing since they are the areas where the motor and the door rotate.

The lubrication of the automatic doors cannot be left for a long time. During this period, leaves dust or dirt that make it more complicated when it dries. It is essential to clean the arm before you lubricate it otherwise the grease will not stay in place. When you are lubricating, it is important to use the correct type of grease depending on the type of door.

The lubrication of the automatic doors cannot be left for a long time. During this period, leaves dust or dirt that make it more complicated when it dries. It is essential to clean the arm before you lubricate it otherwise the grease will not stay in place. When you are lubricating, it is important to use the correct type of grease depending on the type of door.

To lubricate the moving parts of an automatic door it is best to use a grease that can withstand high temperatures, because the track of the sliding door runs through heated air. Grease is used to lubricate all mechanical portions of automatic doors, especially if they are doors that move on tracks manufactured with rollers, as these are the most common.

Prevent water from entering the seal and channel

The protection of the control panel from rain and humidity is very important. Since rain and humidity will pass through the door at many times, it should be noted that even if there is no entry of water into the seal and channel, if long-term and continuous work is used in a bad state, there is a possibility that the malfunction may occur if it rains.

The auto door seal protects against contact between the moving door and the wall, and seals out dust and water. Now we have improved our seal in time for it to be used on doors with an outer gasket. Once the doors are mounted on the wall, there is no need to waterproof the electrical system. If rainwater or humidity enters through openings for control cables or screw holes then please apply silicone to prevent this.

A card reader makes it easy to add access control systems wherever and whenever you need them. With a variety of specialized readers, including proximity and magnetic stripe readers, we can help you find the right fit for your needs.

Watch out for insects and water

On an automatic sliding door with ground level door operator, it is placed against the bottom of the camera board. When the door is in operation, if there is no sliding door knocker with ground level door operator, it is placed against the bottom of the camera board. When the door is in operation, if there is no sliding guard installed, then scorpions and other insects can easily get into the housing room.

An electric sliding door must avoid the entrance of water into the motor by any means, because this could cause strong sparks and even damage the control box. An effective, but not always sufficient, way to do this is to equip it with a cap like those used on underground cable entries.

Insects are attracted by the heat, especially the flies, they tend to land on the electrical motor and remain stuck, so it becomes an unusual hat. Even if you install the motor well above the level of the ground. Last but not least, there is an insect which can travel along cables and end up in any type of switchgear. It is therefore necessary to ensure that there is no entry point or possible access in their cable duct system.

The solution would be to fit a plate with a closed hole of the same size as the cable entry. This should be performed by electricians. When water enters the motor box or control box of sliding doors, it will most probably damage them. Due to wear and age, the door gasket or seal will distort and provide a passage for the ants, which will then find their way inside; it is advisable not only to prevent this from happening, but also carry out pest control as soon as possible.

Frequently monitor the electrical panel of door

While the motor is running, you can see if some relays are burned out, because of their high frequency usage. but be careful not to touch them. If you are familiar with electronics, you can check other door components for damage, and then request a replacement for your automatic door. In any case, the Auto Door offers excellent service both in the delivery of spare parts for automatic sectional, swing, revolving or sliding doors and in these repairs.

The panel is also helpful as a diagnostic tool as you can still see if some components are damaged, such as the motor that has been overheated by its frequent use. In case of contact with the conductor, DO NOT TOUCH IT! Touching the hot surfaces can cause burns. The door finally offers an excellent service both in the delivery of spare parts for automatic sectional doors or doors rotary, swing or sliding, and in the repair to be performed by a professional installer.

Obviously, the door is in direct contact with the elements and can become damaged. But, if you use it correctly, part of the damage can be avoided by proper care. Always follow the regulations imposed by the manufacturer of the automatic door to know how much weight you should give your door.

Turn off the motor when you are not using your automatic door to prevent overheating that could cause damage to other door components. Whether it is to repair, replace or maintain your automatic door or contact repair service before the breakdown escalates, you've come to the professional place.

Clean the surrounding areas of automatic door

Many people do not realize this problem until it has accumulated so much dust and dirt that the door cannot open and close properly, and in some cases damages the hinge, and in some extreme cases can even cause jams in sliding doors. These problems relate almost exclusively to the area where the automatic door slides over the floor guides, and where the hinge pins are located.

The combination of dust and dirt in these areas contribute to create friction when opening and closing the door. The doors that have guides that have been lubricated previously by the user have generated a large amount of dust over time and it becomes hard, causing the door to move slowly.

Grease the doors every two months

This is one of the measures that we recommend clients to carry out if they want to reduce the breakdown of their doors considerably. Ideally, the greasing of the sliding doors should be done at least once every two months if they are frequently used. If they are not used, it is necessary to lubricate the motors only at the time of winter or if one notices that they are not turning as easily as usual.

To do this, simply remove the covering to gain access to the wheels and spray the interior with product, running it between the door and frame. The spraying of grease is a method widely used in many industries to ensure the necessary lubrication for the doors. When these doors are opened and closed at a high frequency, as may be the case with a commercial establishment, the use of the strategic lubricants has been considered as mandatory. However, do not disassemble the motor and thicken the interior, since they have already been greased in their manufacture so that they do not get dirty.

Check the condition of door springs

Over time, the springs can rust as they expand to close the door and compress when it opens and lose strength. Verify the condition of the springs to check if they are rusty or whether they have lost tension, and oil them to avoid breakage. This procedure is common to avoid closure problems. Without the correct tension, the door's closing mechanism may wear out prematurely as the springs wear down. In addition, a spring that has broken can damage other moving parts as it flies out from the clutch.

Check that door panels are not damaged

If you are not sure if the door is damaged, it is important to make sure that there are no dents on the surface of the door. It does not require the replacement of the door but affects only the panel used for covering it, so contact professionals who are experienced in all types of doors. It is an inexpensive maintenance job, but it would be better to avoid problems.

The panels and doors should slide without leaving a trace or changing the original shape. If we see any kind of damage we should not be afraid, we just have to change the panels, and this process does not require a special budget. These panels are not expensive, nor are they complicated to install, the only indispensable thing is that you will have to change it with someone who has experience in this type of work.

Automatic door controls

Due to the continuous use, it could stop working or occasionally. Even the most automatic and innovative doors can experience common problems especially when there are no daily check-ups done to the automatic door. Automatic sliding doors, automatic swinging doors, automatic folding doors and automatic revolving doors.

We have professional and experienced engineers in our team who will be able to come up with the most efficient and effective solution for your problem in fixing and repairing malfunctioning automatic door mechanisms. If your automatic door is not operating as it should be despite the existence of the sensors, contact us immediately.

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