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Reasons to Install Automatic doors

Automatic doors are a great addition to any business to keep things running smoothly and make a good first impression on a customer. Statistics show an average business engages with a customer for less than 10 seconds, and a majority of those customers will enter a business through a door. Automatic doors make the process of entering a business easier and more efficient.

Automatic doors can help reduce pollution, offer convenience for customers, and help save energy. If you need more reasons, continue reading below. There are many benefits to installing automatic doors, but here are a few of the most popular. First, automatic doors are great for accessibility.

Customers with disabilities can enter without any help which leads to an improved customer experience. Second, automatic doors are great for indoor temperature control. Automatic doors close the gap in the entrance to keep warm air in and cool air out. They also reduce energy consumption by not letting warm air escape.

More Choices

Automatic doors give your business flexibility and accessibility, while providing high levels of safety and security. It’s not just the right choice for today-it’s the smart choice for tomorrow. When you choose automatic doors, you don’t have to sacrifice form for function. With so many different colors, finishes and designs to select from, it’s easy to find an automatic door that enhances any business’s unique style. There are four basic types of automatic doors, swinging, sliding, folding and revolving doors.

Automatic swinging doors have a variety of configurations, including a single door that swings in or out and is left-handed or right-handed, and a pair of doors that simultaneously swing in the same direction. The door operator is concealed or surface- applied. The doors are center-pivoted, offset hung, balanced or hinged.

Automatic swinging doors also feature sensors or control mats and safety signage. Automatic folding doors are comprised of two or more separate panels; one panel swings, and the other panel slides in a guide. Automatic folding doors may include a single folding door that folds in or out and is left- handed or right-handed; or a pair of doors simultaneously folding in or out, either left-handed or right-handed.

Automatic sliding doors have flat panels that slide horizontally and linearly, with a variety of configurations. Their other features are similar to the ones described for swinging automatic doors, and they also include sensors or control mats as well as safety signage.

Automatic revolving doors are the ideal solution for energy efficiency and convenience. Revolving doors allow large numbers of people to pass in and out easily and quickly. These doors permit people to be going in and out of the door at the same time. Hinged or swinging doors can create a wind that is strong enough to blow small objects around.

Customers Prefer Automatic doors

The AAADM study proves what millions in sales in North America and Europe have already demonstrated in the past decade: Customers want automatic doors. Automatic doors are consistently the most preferred choice for building entrance doors at hospitals, hotels/motels, airports, office buildings, post offices and retail stores, according to a survey of 1000 consumers by the Automatic Door Manufacturers Association (AAAM).

Simply put, automatic doors are the future of door technology. They provide users with immediate access, boost retail sales and increase customer satisfaction. Make sure your business is ready for the next frontier in door technology by upgrading your older model doors to AAADM engineered automatic doors. By eliminating the need to retrofit either building or opening to accommodate a door system, the AAADM standard reduces overall costs by reducing construction time and materials.

In today’s competitive market, as well as covid 19 situation, it is important to provide the public with the best experience possible. The significant benefits that automatic doors offer to a facility’s employees and guests make them an attractive option. Research suggests that there is a high return on investment when you invest in automatic doors.


An automatic door entrance does away with the aggravation and struggle associated with opening a heavy, manual door and instantly demonstrates to users the establishment they are entering cares about their convenience. When participants in AAADM’s recent consumer research study were asked if automatic doors were perceived as a minimal level of service from a business establishment, most respondents suggested it was a convenience that should be offered by a business.

The convenience of an automatic door makes a significant impression that remains with your customers. Access to your building will be fast and free from hassle. Your business will be recognized as being technically savvy, up-to-date, and well-maintained. Plus, automatic doors can actually improve safety by preventing back injury for custodial staff and others who open manual doors several times a day. This is a minimal level of service you can provide to all your customers visitors, suppliers, employees without breaking the bank.

Many went on to say that automatic doors are especially important because they show good customer service and provide access for the elderly, handicapped and those with children in tow. As stated by one respondent, “Let’s design not just for the handicapped, but convenience for all. Where possible, especially with large volumes of people, this should be understood.” Respondents also stated what they liked best about automatic doors is their convenience and ease of use. Some explained that a key advantage of automatic doors is they can be opened without the use of hands, which can sometimes be filled with packages, children and luggage.


When a customer, or any other user, enters a building through an automatic door, they are instantly made aware of a state of the art. It is a message that you care about the comfort and convenience of your customers. A new automatic door installation symbolizes a promise of cutting-edge technology on your facility.

While automatic doors can cost more than their manual counterparts, the convenience they create quickly pays for itself. Automatic doors are becoming even more prevalent as businesses consider branding.Many surveyed in AAADM’s study felt that the most inconvenient and impractical aspect of manual doors is that they are generally much too difficult and heavy to push open easily.

This is problematic for both able-bodied and physically disabled users alike and could potentially lead them into having a negative impression of the business. Moreover, if automatic doors are not installed, it leads consumers to assume that the business is not in touch with their needs and desires.

Easy to Own and Maintain

Automatic doors are manufactured according to the highest standards for quality and safety, ensuring minimal maintenance requirements and making them incredibly easy to own, use, manufacture, install and maintain.

One of the most imperative steps in purchasing an automatic door is determining the type and design that is best suited for the particular location where it will be installed. This process is greatly simplified with the assistance of qualified professionals who have an understanding of the location’s traffic flow conditions, types of users expected and the facility’s image concerns.

One of the most imperative steps in purchasing an automatic door is determining the type and design that is best suited for the particular location where it will be installed. The safety and security of a facility is one of the most crucial elements to consider and requires the highest degree of expertise and performance. Automatic doors offer safety above and beyond those of manual entrances, as their easy-to-install, reliable operation can be maintained with little or no effort on the part of building personnel.

This process is greatly simplified with the assistance of qualified professionals who have an understanding of the location’s traffic flow conditions, types of users expected and the facility’s image concerns. Manufactures’ representatives work with buyers and specification writers to help them select an automatic door that satisfactorily fulfils their wishes and requirements. When an automatic door is installed and maintained properly, day-to-day operation is straightforward and typically trouble-free.

Cost and Value

When compared to standard doors, automatic doors are less expensive to purchase, maintain and use. This is due to the energy-cost savings that can be achieved by using automatic doors in place of manually operated ones. Special low-energy automatic door options are available for high-volume traffic areas, which are very cost effective.

Automatic doors are much more economical than many people believe. Furthermore, a lot of potential buyers neglect to include important factors such as product life cycle, energy savings and lower-cost automatic door options in their pre-purchase door evaluations. This often leads to a common misconception that automatic doors are excessively high-priced.

There are many low-energy automatic door options available, including low-energy swinging doors. These doors offer a cost effective solution to providing universal accessibility–while allowing able bodied traffic to use the door as a manual, swinging door.

Advanced low-energy swinging doors can cost as much as six times less expensive to operate than their automatic counterparts. In addition to lower-energy costs, the structural integrity of the building often improves. If you're considering a replacement door or a new construction,

Creating additional cost savings, low-energy operators can be applied to existing doors. Automatic doors that are correctly maintained and serviced usually run smoothly for many years and virtually pay for themselves in terms of convenience and energy savings.

Energy Savings

Automatic doors open only when they sense that someone or something is nearby and then automatically close again after a safe period of time." They eliminate the problem of doors being left open accidentally while the heating and cooling system is operating which can be a costly mistake.

Automatic doors effectively reduce wasted energy in multiple ways and may significantly lessen annual heating and cooling costs. Automatic doors open only when an incoming user or object triggers them to do so and then close again a safe time after the person or object passes through the door.

This eliminates the incidence of doors being left open accidentally, which can be a costly mistake when heating or air conditioning is operating. Utilizing an automatic door also ensures that the door is shut completely each time it closes, thereby preventing expensive heat and air conditioning from escaping through open areas.

Plus, many new, low-energy door options use minimal power to operate and establish a tight, secure seal to conserve energy. For example, automatic revolving doors can be used for high-traffic applications necessitating simultaneous entry and exit, controlled access or can be used as an air lock to help manage energy expenses. A variety of other low- energy door models are also available.

Safety and Security

With over 50 million automatic doors installed in North America, automatic doors hold an exceptional safety record. When properly installed, inspected annually by AAADM-certified inspectors and safety-checked daily by premise owners, automatic doors consistently provide safe, convenient access for all.

AAADM’s certification and training program serves to further enhance the safety of automatic door operators. Classes are held regularly all over the world. AAADM Certified Inspectors and Technicians are trained to properly install, inspect, maintain and repair Automatic Doors. A professional installer can ensure that your new automatic door will perform efficiently for many years to come.

In addition to annual inspections, AAADM Certified Inspectors also provide maintenance and repair services. All AAADM members manufacture their automatic doors and components in compliance with the American National Standard for Power Operated Pedestrian Doors, ANSI A156.10.

This national consensus standard defines and governs things such as installation, sensing devices and safety requirements for automatic pedestrian doors. The American Association of Automatic Door Manufacturers provides a video presentation on daily safety check procedures. Premises owners can use this video to train or retrain employees to perform the daily safety checks properly. Printed material is also available.

ADA Compliance and Access for the Elderly

By law, all commercial buildings must be easily accessible to those with disabilities. Automatic doors provide people with the handicapped with the opportunity to enter a building with little or no effort. They are helpful for everyone, as they make a building a safer and more friendly place for everyone , particularly those unable to open doors.

Businesses are required to install automatic doors under the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990, but more importantly it's the right thing to do. Automatic door systems are easy to use and will become commonplace in society-wide use. Accessibility will not only benefit the disabled community but will be beneficial to everyone.

This means they should be able to enter any building with little effort, in spite of their physical disability. Elderly people, whether suffering from a handicap or not, often fall into a category of people who are unable to easily open manual doors independently. So they benefit greatly from the law as well.

After this law was passed, it became necessary for many businesses to install automatic doors to become ADA-compliant. However, besides simply meeting ADA requirements, automatic doors demonstrate excellent customer service, according to AAADM’s consumer study research.

Network of Professionals

The Association of Automatic Door Manufacturers (AAADM) is committed to developing and recognizing industry standards through education and certification training. This commitment has resulted in the development of the Certification Training Program for automatic door installers and service technicians.

Now, businesses that purchase automatic doors from an AAADM manufacturer receive the additional advantage of working with a company dedicated to continuously improving technology and increasing automatic door safety. The Association of Automatic Door Manufacturers certifies installers demonstrating comprehensive knowledge of installation, testing, commissioning, maintenance, repair, proper operation, trouble shooting problems, programming changes and many other areas.

The AAADM is a trade association run by and for automatic door professionals. AAADM members are committed to maintaining the highest standards of manufacturer-supplied equipment, installation procedures, service training, product safety and customer service. Membership is open to all who meet our qualifications. If you own an automatic door company or work with automatic doors, you need to consider joining AAADM today.

Once you become an AAADM member, your business will be linked with our extensive network of professionals who are dedicated to improving the industry and providing exceptional service to their customers. Membership in the AAADM opens the door to increased professionalism, increased networking opportunities, technological advances, and automatic door safety.

AAADM has made it a priority to educate the public about proper and safe use of automatic doors. AAADM has developed a public awareness campaign that educates both users and owners of automatic door systems. The program consists of public service announcements, advertising and education, all supporting safer use of automatic doors. But the bottom line is that you will be receiving expert counsel from companies who measure their success by your success.


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