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Reasons to Install Automatic Doors

Automatic entryways are revolutionizing the way people enter and exit buildings. It’s no longer just about gaining access to a building, it’s about saving time, increasing security, and decreasing liabilities. Houston automatic doors' many years of experience have helped us build better systems for all building types. We have designed, installed, and serviced thousands of automated entrances. Our comprehensive understanding of entrance systems offers our customers solutions that are attractive, durable, reliable, and safety compliant.

What better way to enter and exit a building than with access control and automated entrances? Automatic doors are often seen as being necessary to provide main entrances to buildings. But how often do we stop and consider automated exits and entrances inside buildings? Automated entrances are designed to increase efficiency, reduce touch points, and provide convenience. Automated entryways are increasingly common, even as you're reading thi.

We must not forget that automated access makes access control more important, particularly for restricted areas such as the airport security, school security system, executive's suite, government offices and senior living areas, hospital ICU and more. These areas require a way to control traffic flow. Access control systems can be scalable and are easily implemented. You can integrate it with existing automated entryways in your building's exterior and interior.

For years automated doors and automated access control systems were all but used to control security in high-security areas of the building. More and more buildings are coming equipped with this technology especially in high traffic doorways. Whether it is hotel entrances, train stations, bus stations, hospital’s emergency rooms or even office buildings, machines that can read your hand or face prints are becoming much more commonplace.

For too long we have relied on traditional ways of unlocking doors and accessing restricted areas. But now we’ve created a better way: biometric technology and security systems. Making use of hand and face prints, we can pinpoint an individual’s identity with 99.99% accuracy. It not only protects our own interests but also serves as a more convenient alternative to access control systems.

Automated doors not only look modern and stylish but also make life simpler. With properly installed access control systems many buildings are becoming more eco friendly, with less energy wasted locking and unlocking doors manually. Furthermore, this technology makes customers feel safe which is reflected in the statistics of buildings that have had this technology installed.

Automatic doors, access controls and security access systems take the potential for human error away from your building. Operational controls such as fingerprint, card swipes and fingerprints can grant or deny door access within seconds saving valuable time and money. The Internet of Things has created a number of devices from home automation to commercial accessibility to Internet security.

Access Control is all about controlling who comes in or out of a building and when they do. In other words, access controls are physical locks to make sure only authorized people can get through restricted areas.

We offer automatic doors, access control solutions, and the services to install them for a more secure facility. Our team can work with you to select the right solution to suit your needs. Access control systems are available (and scalable!) to integrate with your existing automated entryways on the exterior of your building and the interior. These restricted areas often need a secure way to regulate traffic flow.

The access control system prevents unauthorized access while maintaining the safety and security of your property and its occupants. The access control available for automated doors and gates is easy to integrate with existing automated entrances on the exterior of your building and features a scalable design that can be used for small or large buildings.

Automatic doors are ideal to control pedestrian traffic in lobbies, other public spaces, or at entrances into private offices. Apart from the benefits of convenient access, all security mesh services are fully automated. Our access control system is designed to work with the gate operators to automate your building's entrance, parking lot access gates, Sliding, swinging, Folding and revolving door systems and any other automated doorway.

Key card and Key Fob Access systems

In the modern business world, when convenience is what you crave and time is money, a card system can give you back both in spades. Keycard and key fob systems offer a flexible and cost effective way to set up access control. Often referred to as proximity access control, these simple devices offer an ideal solution for facilities that do not have large volumes of people arriving or leaving in the same place at the same time. They are also ideal when you want to restrict cardholders to certain areas within a building.

Our keycard and key fob systems provide highly reliable access control for your facility. With these convenient and easy-to-use solutions, you can add access control to new doors in existing buildings and new buildings without having to issue new cards or key fobs, and in some cases, without having to change existing locks.

Add a personal touch to security with specially designed keycards or key fobs. Perfect for badge operated door access systems, the range includes a selection of designs including four ways of incorporating company logos onto your ID card as well as standard designs including ID card, key fob and key tag.

A card reader makes it easy to add access control systems wherever and whenever you need them. With a variety of specialized readers, including proximity and magnetic stripe readers, we can help you find the right fit for your needs.

Biometric Access Control

Automatic doors with biometric access control help to streamline and secure the flow of people and material in and out of restricted areas. Biometric access control uses fingerprints, facial recognition, iris scans and other biometric means to identify individuals who have the proper security access to pass through various checkpoints.

Using a fingerprint reader, facial recognition camera or iris scanner, this type of system will identify the person who enters the restricted area and grant them access based on their allowed level. This type of door can be utilized as an addition to other types such as turnstile access for those requiring higher security levels, or as a stand-alone biometric access control solution for those with fewer security needs.

The biometric access control system is popular in government buildings, hospitals and other government facilities. It can be used to provide safety for important objects and information in a large area. The biometric access control system enables security in business buildings, schools, and federal facilities.

The system can be configured to allow employees, visitors, and contractors to enter the building without the keycard. It has enough capabilities for everyone to get in quickly while also providing access safety for important information and valuables. We pride ourselves on delivering unsurpassed reliability and convenience for your employees, visitors, and key business partners.

Bluetooth Enabled Access Control

Bluetooth accessibility control is an advanced option for today's businesses that want to offer their customers, clients, or employees the best possible service. You can ensure that your business stays safe while offering a variety of different options for individuals who need physical access.

You might think that Bluetooth technology is only used on mobile phones, MP3 players, headsets and other electronics but it can also control your facility's access points. Some Bluetooth access control systems allow users to check their own account balance using a smartphone or tablet, configure access capabilities remotely, and even issue new cards if they lose one. This wireless technology eliminates the need for static keys or key fobs.

Have an important work meeting to go to and forgot your access card? No worries! you can program your cell phone to be used as an access card to gain entry. With Bluetooth technology and a smartphone application, you can use your device to open doors or turn off lights, any time

Whether you're a small business looking to handle facility access more efficiently, change the way your employees’ clock-in/out, or a large corporation trying to secure multiple locations across the country, Bluetooth Access Control is the solution for you. Our system is wireless and easy to install, designed to work with any brand of Bluetooth-enabled device.

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