Blast Rated Sliding Door

Blast Rated Sliding Door

The blast resistant sliding doors are a practical application of the basic concept of a blast door, a steel plate placed at the entrance of a protective enclosure to block debris and prevent it from entering. The most challenging objectives in terms of security and fire safety they face is to reduce as much as possible the risks caused by the impact of ordinary objects that may be contained in an explosive or incendiary device such as reinforced concrete (with its rebar and concrete dust), glass, tools, furniture and debris.

When we say “blast resistant sliding doors” we mean we take the impact. Our doors will not break and they will not allow fire and smoke to penetrate your facility. The risk will be reduced and your security and safety will be enhanced: protection that you can trust. Our blast resistant sliding doors are designed to withstand the intensity of a blast by sacrificing themselves while protecting your facility from smoke, fire, and debris.


We provide the reassurance you need when it comes to protecting your people, product, and property. When you want the security of a blast resistant door, you don’t have to replace or repair your door. Our doors meet or exceed federal guidelines. That’s why we developed a range of blast resistant sliding doors for government, healthcare and commercial facilities.

The world is getting more and more unstable with every day that passes. Terrorist attacks aimed at public institutions, businesses or private buildings are becoming increasingly common in certain areas of the planet. Regardless of whether they succeed in their ultimate goal, these attacks can cause enormous damage and loss of life.

The most obvious way in which our lives could be in danger in such cases, is when we need to escape . Escaping safely from a building that might be on fire or that has been taken over by terrorists is far from easy. But it is possible. The doors can be installed with a single or double leaf, in whichever is the more convenient option.

This allows us to cover a whole range of applications from simple installations to complicated ones. Thanks to the wide range of accessories available, it is possible to increase the value of a given project by choosing a design that is most suitable for a certain space. the door will always be the perfect fit for both your budget and your needs. We cover all bases with our extensive range of accessories.

The doors are made of tempered, laminated glass with two to four layers of anti-blast film. The film has an elasticity similar to rubber, so the spall is not produced upon impact. The material is not flammable and it can withstand temperatures of up to 850 ºC for more than 10 minutes.

The safety of the civilian population has become one of the most crucial issues, which prompts the governments to take the safety of the civilians as their number one priority. One of the most common threats mentioned time and again by the governments is the blast doors. Blast doors are found in various peculiar places, one of them being the mines.

Blast doors prevent any threat that spreads through the air, which eliminates the threat of the terrorist attacks that happen through the air. A blast door can be highly beneficial, but they only do the job if the safety measures are in place. The different safety measures include the blast doors themselves.

One of the best things about our doors is that they are blast rated. This ensures that they are able to withstand gunfire and blasts at close range. They can also be ordered to be fire rated. These doors are also compliant with building regulations in most areas.

The blast resistant sliding doors are ideal to protect the facades of hotels, banks, transport infrastructures, public buildings, shopping centers or any type of institution or business that consider it necessary. The blast resistant sliding doors are ideal to protect the facades of hotels, banks, transport infrastructures, public buildings, shopping centers or any type of institution or business that consider it necessary.

At an operating level, they have very low energy requirements and comply with all relevant safety regulations for doors of their class. The blast resistant sliding doors can also provide a secure passage for people with reduced mobility, wheelchair users and the elderly.

The best way to protect yourself from an explosion is to get as far away from it as possible. The blast resistant doors which are only a few inches thick, will be installed in front of the main entrance to a building. The doors slide back and forth along a rail track installed in the building's entrance. This way the door is always in a safe position and can't be blown off its hinges by a blast.

With special safety measures, the blast resistant door can withstand an explosion of up to 0.5 kg C4 (1.0 lbs) detonated within 5 mm (0.20 in) of the door surface without deformation. The aluminum frame is available with integrated safety glass but also with metal grating, which can be specially finished with powder paint systems for vandal-resistant properties.

The most common blast resistant doors currently in use are based on steel shutters, with most commonly used panels being 4, 6 and 8 mm thick. These offer high levels of protection for most threat scenarios, including against current and future military explosives with a wide dynamic range, like HE or thermobaric (fuel-air) bombs. They were designed and tested with a wide range of weapons, including with bullets and grenades at close ranges.

It is important to guarantee the security of your facilities. The blast resistant sliding doors are designed to provide protection against shock waves caused by explosions or earthquakes, making them an essential element in the overall security plan of any building.

Blast resistant sliding doors are in use in diverse situations to prevent the access of undesirable or dangerous people to protected areas, due to their large number of standard and specific security features. The maximum thickness of the materials used to construct these models provides effective resistance to all types of attacks, including hand-placed explosives.

Bomb-resistant sliding doors were the first line of defense against devices containing explosive or incendiary materials. They proved their effectiveness in tragic events such as the Oklahoma City bombing and the September 11,2001 attacks.

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