Automatic Security Door

Automatic Security Door

A security revolving door is a device that allows customers to enter through one door, while keeping unauthorized customers out. The door has a series of panels, usually made of glass or transparent plastic, which are stacked on top of each other.

The bottom panel is fixed in place, whereas the upper ones are hinged. This allows customers to enter or exit the hotel by walking onto the top panel and having it rotate beneath their feet. There are several types of revolving doors.

An automatic revolving door allows you to admit a predetermined number of visitors into an office or department, and then closes on its own afterward. This type of door is commonly found in airport departures and hotel lobbies, but can be installed anywhere a large volume of people need to pass through a single doorway.


An automatic revolving door may be either one-way or two-way. In a one-way system the door only opens from the inside, requiring those entering to wait for it to open before doing so.

In some one-way systems, those inside must press a button to activate the door motor before it will open. requiring those entering to wait for it to open. In a two-way system, those inside can push the door inward as well as pull it outward.

Using a security revolving door ensures that only people who have checked in can enter. The glass panels make it impossible for outsiders to see what is going on inside the lobby and encourages guests and staff to feel safe and secure.

This type of door is often found in hotel lobbies with higher volume than average. Resend with another example to set a place with higher volume than average. Resend with another example to set a place with higher volume than average.

One of our core specialties is motion detection and analysis. From extreme close quarters to extreme long ranges, we can provide effective motion detection solutions. Self-contained infrared light sources and cameras equipped with 3D algorithms allow for accurate long distance motion detection. We also cost effectively provide solutions for more extreme close quarter applications using optical systems where the cameras are mounted on the doors themselves (door mounted).

A security revolving door is the epitome of safety and convenience. They effectively protect your visitors and clients, even when you are open for business. Security is important to you. That’s why we use a revolving door in front of the building. It allows us quick access without compromising security.

Overhead door piggybacking occurs when one individual passes through the revolving door without having to use a card, pin number or contactless device. Piggybacking is possible due to the open air between the outer and inner doors of revolving doors.

Most people find it difficult to catch this kind of activity and often overlook the fact that it happens on a regular basis. Piggybacking can be considered a security risk for any building that requires security checks at their entrance.

An infrared detection that uses a camera and reflected infrared light to identify people is able to stop piggybacking. This technology can be used in several locations such as fire doors and air traffic control areas. Both of these areas use revolving doors as a security checkpoint for new employees or visitors.

How does it work?

In the retail market, ensuring a secure environment is a top priority. In order to do so, retailers use a variety of measures to prevent theft and deter shoplifters. Understanding how these measures work, as well as time-of-flight sensor capabilities, can help shopping center management determine whether or not it’s a good fit for any particular location.

A revolving door allows you to admit one or more visitors into an office or department, then will close on its own after the predetermined time limit. This anti-piggybacking detection is achieved through the self-contained infrared light sources and camera capturing the reflected light.

An internal processor measures the time of reflected light and creates a depth image to analyze the objects within the revolving door. This allows the built-in processor to determine if one or two persons have entered into the security revolving door. The processor compares the images with images stored in memory to detect security violations.

Does your facility require an automated security door?

Automated security doors are most found in high-security situations, such as banks, police stations, prisons, military bases, government installations, hospitals, schools and universities. For these environments automated security doors are the best choice for allowing entry to specific, trusted individuals whilst keeping out intruders or unauthorized individuals.

Whenever you see the word “automated” it brings to mind a machine or mechanical device that operates on its own and independent of human control and intervention, but in this case automated access control takes that one step further by eliminating the need for human presence to secure an entrance. By implementing an automated security solution, you will increase efficiency and reduce costs, while also ensuring the safety and security of your facility.

Automated access control is a high quality security solution that provides entry to the building without any human presence. It is a perfect solution for stores or warehouses that experience shopping rush on weekends or late nights. Automated access control is the latest in efficient building security. It means never having to be concerned about your employees, guests, or visitors.

When looking to install automatic door systems, work with a company that uses high-quality products and the necessary maintenance you need to keep your automatic door systems working correctly.

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