Automatic and Manual Revolving Door

What is a revolving door?

A revolving door is a type of door with multiple leaves which rotate about a central vertical axis within a cylindrical enclosure. Revolving doors allow multiple users but prevent wide objects from being carried through them. They are usually fitted with horizontal poles, around which the door rotates, although in newer designs motorized modules have been used to replace poles. As a method of avoiding the loss of heated or cooled air, a revolving door is a viable energy efficiency option.

One of the modern-day necessities of any building is an automatic entry door. An automatic revolving door is one of the most energy efficient, safe, and convenient options offered today. Whether you are looking for a traditional entry door or a security revolving door, consider Houston automatic doors for all your entry door needs.


Revolving doors are also used as safety systems at airports, hospitals or department stores for better passenger flows and crowding control. Revolving door technology helps to simplify and control the flow of people at various entrances. The revolving door system can improve the security of a building by providing a barrier against infiltration and by allowing surveillance within the protected premises. With revolving doors, you can protect your company's brand image and keep your clients secure from bad weather conditions

Revolving doors don’t know if you’ve ever been inside one, but it is an interesting thing to watch. Sure, if you have been inside a building with one before, you may have them on autopilot walk in, the door sees how fast you are moving and decides whether to revolve or not walk out at your leisure. You were busy doing whatever it was that took you into the building in the first place. The truth is, though, many of us may have walked through one without even noticing.

Two wing automatic revolving door

Houston automatic doors can enhance your business image with a revolving door entrance designed to draw customers in and keep them there. Our revolutionary two-wing revolving door design creates a welcoming, spacious entrance while being extremely energy efficient. Houston Automatic Door Service is your door leader of Houston, which carries a strong heritage of quality service and satisfaction to all our customers.

Three wing automatic revolving door

The three-wing revolving door features ample room to accommodate continuous, high volume pedestrian traffic, shopping carts, luggage carts, wheelchairs, etc. The three wing configuration also helps maximize energy cost savings by minimizing energy consumption, eliminating drafts and reducing heating and cooling losses.

The three-wing design of the automatic revolving door is one that provides users with more room to pass through the space, increasing the amount of flow that can be accommodated. Three-wing or triple wing revolving doors provide a larger portion of clear opening width images 12 because one wing serves as a barrier only to the first and last door positions, allowing for greater capacity.

Compact three and four wing Revolving door

The compact three- and four-wing automatic revolving door provides entrances that satisfy time-tested needs for superior security and climate-control features. Revolving doors help to control temperature, limit energy consumption, increase workplace productivity, promote health and safety, and maximize aesthetics. They also allow for efficient flow of pedestrians where automated entrances are used.

Manual Revolving door

If you have a public or private office, you try to make your guests feel comfortable through the client reception, waiting area and the toilets. Often, the client spends a lot of time in your offices. Therefore, it’s important to give them a good impression from the start of their journey with you. A revolving door is a unique feature that is not just a door but can be considered as a pleasant entrance experience for your clients.

The Manual Revolving door is an adaptation of the traditional revolving door. It has been designed to be easily operated by elderly, disabled, and visually impaired users. Though this may not seem to have any advantages over the normal revolving door available on the market, this unique adjustable door has several beneficial features. For starters, you can choose the direction the door revolves. The operator can rise with their push, lowering after they have entered or have walked far enough through the door.

The Revolving door will work forever. It will improve the entry experience for whoever chooses to use it and it can be installed using minimal disruption to any indoor environment. To work, the door only needs a gentle push, even just one finger. The door adjusts automatically to the user’s speed and always stays out of their way until they are ready to return to the inside.

Houston automatic doors is a company run by revolving door specialists. We understand that some companies still use or sell manual revolving doors which is why we provide service and parts for these older models. Our revolving door weatherstripping, door weatherstripping, and other products work with all kinds of revolving doors from various manufacturers.

Some companies only make new glass door replacements, but we specialize in new glass door installations as well as repair of glass doors or operators on most makes of commercial, hospital revolving doors. The technical team at Houston automatic doors can fix almost any malfunctioning hardware on commercial, hospital and hospitality commercial revolving doors these days.

The ANSI 156.27 completely replaced its predecessor, the BHMA A156.27-2003, in 2012. The changes in this updated standard reflect the advances made in the revolving door product industry in recent years, including innovations in drive systems, fittings, sealings, and other components. It also sets forth performance requirements for many aspects of operation, including strength and user safety devices.

Revolving door weatherstripping is generally only used on single sided revolving doors. A high quality weatherstripping product can retain heat in the building, keep out water, wind, dirt, pests and more. Revolving door parts are important for protecting buildings from the harsh environment outside of the structure. Our company was founded more than 30 years ago on this very principle. We have made improvements over the duration of that time while remaining committed to this ideal.

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