Anti – Ligature Door Solutions

Anti – Ligature Door Solutions

Our Anti-Ligature door solutions were developed for the goal of providing hospitals, schools, correctional facilities and government offices with products built to withstand severe attacks. Our doors are specifically designed to reduce the risk of injury to both patients and staff while maintaining easy-to-clean finishes, locking convenience and ease of operation.

Anti-Ligature doors and devices are a necessity in areas where the potential for self harm and ligature points is present. By choosing an anti-ligature door it will protect your patients, staff and visitors from the potential dangers that exist in today's society. We offer several solutions such as passive and active devices as well as traditional doors.

Active systems help ensure effective psychiatric crisis intervention by allowing individuals to pass through equipped with an electronic monitoring device. This system helps protect those at risk of harming themselves from further injury; however, it does not restrict those without suicidal intent.


Our experience is in treating institutions where safety is paramount. We have an extensive background in installing and managing the extensive variety of materials, hardware and doors. Whether it be a hospital, a school, a correctional facility or a government office we have the knowledge to handle any problem effectively and efficiently.

In many places, preventing ligature suicides is a top priority. Whether it's a cell block area or another part of a facility, we can help you find a solution that will work for your environment. Even though these doors are effective in preventing the use of ligatures, they can be installed in a way that still allows for appropriate patient interaction while also making the space functional and safe.

Anti-ligature door hardware is a type of secure door hardware used to prevent physical assault on a person. In the United States, anti-ligature devices are more commonly called security screens, and may be used in conjunction with any type of door; however they are most commonly found in hospitals and mental health care institutions to prevent self-harm and suicide.

Burglar Bar anti-ligature door solutions are designed to reduce danger of injury to both patients and staff while maintaining easy-to-clean finishes, locking convenience and ease of operation. Burglar Bar enhances the safety and security of psychiatric hospitals by installing anti-ligature door racks and other accessories.

Our team has over 30 years of experience manufacturing, installing and maintaining door systems to withstand vandal activity including claw hammer strikes, drill jimmies, pry bars and attempted brute force entry. It is our goal to be sure that your facility is running at maximum efficiency while providing optimum security.

Our wide variety of door systems are manufactured in the United States in compliance with federal specifications. We offer one of the most comprehensive lines in the industry for securing all types of doors. Products are available to meet specifications in accordance with American Disabilities Act, ADA Accessibility Guidelines, ANSI/BHMA standards and DOJ standards for prison design.

Our anti-ligature solutions are a way to protect individuals from self-injury while eliminating the cost and time of repairs associated with making standard doors. Our years of experience in working with professionals in law enforcement, corrections, retail, corrections, public health, mental health, special education and higher education allow us to provide expertise that is both practical and comprehensive.

As a full-service provider, we have refined our flexible designs to support a range of client needs. We will work with you to achieve your facility objectives while exceeding your expectations. We offer a wide variety of Anti-Ligature doors designed to fit your security needs and budget. Our doors are easy to clean with smooth finishes, locking convenience and ease of operation.

Anti-Ligature door hardware can maximize security and safety for your institution. Specialized equipment that will deter ligature related injuries is installed on the door design ensuring the highest level of protection. Our team uses advanced pre-construction planning to work with difficult spaces, ensuring custom solutions for our customers.

We offer a complete line of anti-ligature door hardware and door solutions. Our Door Systems Include: Flat Bar, Expanding Bar, No-Bar, Hinge Pin Removable, Welded Bar and Rollers. All of our systems come in a variety of finishes and we can work with you on custom powder coated colors.

Our team can help you select the right product for your institution. We work hard to meet the needs of government entities who require high security for sensitive applications. We are committed to providing you with the security you deserve. Let us help you develop a way to keep your loved ones safe, while maintaining a safe environment for your employees or customers. Call us today to learn more about our anti-ligature door solutions now:

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