Airport and Transit Doors

Airport and Transit

Houston automatic doors experts have supported countless government projects, specifically retrofits such as meeting ADA accessibility requirements or achieving faster high speed door open rates to improve emergency response time. We focus on supporting skilled professionals who handle front end design and programming of our systems that improve operational costs and efficiency.

From law enforcement to emergency response, our systems enhance safety and security at the point of entry. Our skilled technicians specialize in all types of automatic doors—from high speed doors to revolving doors to trapezoidal doors in need of repair.

We have worked with facilities in many different capacities from increasing the safety of stairwells to retrofitting doors to be hurricane resistant. Our years of experience have given us unrivaled expertise when it comes to replacing and adding new automatic door equipment anywhere in your facilities.


The airport is one of the most important places around the world. It is also one of the busiest places that you can visit. There are people who live in an airport for their entire lives. The airport is used by people who are traveling for business or for pleasure.

These people are often arriving on their flights to the airport. They are also departing on their flights from the airport. One of the most important parts of the airport are the doors through which passengers are able to enter the airport. The doors are there so that they can enter the airport or they can use the door to leave the airport.

Travel safe with airport and transit doors Airports and transit doors are the first thing you see when you enter an airport or transit facility. They can also be the last thing you see once you've left these facilities. It is important that all airport and transit doors are properly maintained to ensure the safety of all travelers.

Airports and transit doors both need to be able to fulfill this essential function. At airport and transit yards, there are two different types of doors that are used. Trash doors are used to transport trash to landfills. These should be inspected on a regular basis for any damage or corrosion. The other type of door is for buses and trains. These are called dock doors.

The airport doors want to be opened by the traveler with the right amount of pressure, so they can slide easily. This is a common problem for airport personnel, who often have to open many doors for many travelers. In order to open airport doors, one has to have a threshold that is just enough to get the wheels of the rolling luggage over.

Many airports and transit doors are starting to invest in motion-activated doors. These doors will open when they sense people coming in their direction, saving them time and making their commute smoother. Some transit stations are even starting to try electronic eye contact, meaning that when you look in the direction of the door, the door will automatically open.

This is an added convenience at stations where there are many people trying to get out. The new motion-activated doors are not only easing people’s commute, but they are also making them more comfortable. These new doors are in many locations that are not in public eyesight. This means that in these locations, people won’t have to worry about anyone looking at them when

Transit doors are large, enclosed or partly enclosed areas near airports across the world. They are the standard exit points for passengers of an airliner during departure, between flights, for transfer to other flights, or for people to either exit or reenter the airport. They are typically located on the lower level or ground level of an airport terminal, or near the baggage claim area.

They are also typically at the end of each concourse near gates. Transit doors are usually designed with safety in mind. These doors are sometimes seen as gaps in an airport's security system because passengers are not screened for weapons or explosives before they enter the door. Security forces are stationed at these doors for this reason.

Airport and transit doors offer an incredible barrier to entry. They offer a great security measure that helps prevent people from getting into the airport or transit system without the proper credentials.

They also offer a sense of safety and protection to those who work and live within the airport and transit system. The airport and transit doors work so well because they are designed to help prevent intrusion and they can be modified to work as a defense against attacks. Once someone has access, they can use the door to seal themselves off from their surroundings.

Public transit is the simplest, most efficient mode of transportation for an urban or suburban population. It is also energy efficient, if not more so than any other mode of transportation. Mass transit is also the most socially just way to move people around an urban environment.

Houston automatic doors provide the ultimate in both safety and security. From fire rated fire doors, explosion rated blast doors to arc flash protection steel security blast gates, Horton offers a wide array of products that meet or exceed applicable de facto industry standards.

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