ADA low energy and manual swing doors

Houston automatic doors offer an affordable, practical solution to help small businesses comply with the ADA’s Americans with Disabilities Act. We have the experience and expertise to perform installations on all types of automatic entrance equipment, including swing door operators.

Stores and businesses all over Houston use automatic ADA door openers to help their patrons enter and exit without any stress or problems. If you have a set of doors that need retrofitting so people use them safely, you could be wondering where to turn for assistance. Houston automatic doors can help!

If you have a business with a door that’s not working well anymore, we can help install a custom door opener to give you a new way to welcome your clients. Need an audio door entry system? We also specialize in those! Hospitals, banks, retail stores, nonprofit organizations, universities, restaurants, municipal buildings and churches are just some of the places that can benefit immensely from automatic door options.


Houston automatic doors offers a wide variety of ADA-compliant automatic door products that are designed with safety in mind. Our commercial doors include emergency power backup to help ensure your customer’s safety even when on an emergency lockdown.

Low energy and manual swing doors are excellent options for companies that need to upgrade their existing entrances and/or comply with government regulations without undertaking a major construction project.

ADA low-energy automatic swing doors often require less complex installation than other forms of door openers, and many of them can be added onto sites using existing door frames. These options also allow businesses to avoid the expense and effort of demolishing existing doorways to accommodate new doors.

ADA low-energy automatic swing doors are ideal if you need to update your entrance and/or comply with legislation without undertaking a major construction project. Many of these options can be added onto existing door frames, and some need no construction at all. They also allow you to avoid the expensive and time-consuming process of demolishing old doorways.

When it comes to upgrading your entrance or meeting ADA requirements, automatic and low-energy doors are the best option for companies that simply want to ensure they stay in compliance. These doors can be added to existing door frames with minimal effort and expense.

The ADA Low Energy Operator perfectly balances the need for ease-of-use and energy efficiency. This full power operator offers a broad set of intelligent functions such as power close, latch assist and obstruction detection to safely secure a variety of openings, from moderate to high traffic.

With ADA low energy operator, control the distance that the door opens using up to five preset positions. The memory retains the programmed settings even when power is lost. When adjusting your door parameters, the power assist function will move it to the final, desired position.

In the past, the swing door was a simple manual door. Then it started to receive some upgrades. First there was a back-check system that would stop a door from opening completely if a rider’s chair or walker blocked the door. Another modification allowed people to push a button and have their doors open automatically. Now low energy operator technology is available on the swing doors allowing the doors to open without being touched.

Whether you're installing a new automatic door system, retrofitting an existing opening or automating existing manual swing doors, Houston automatic doors can provide a solution to meet your project's requirements.

Houston Automatic Doors technicians are knowledgeable of the installation techniques for all types of automatic doors, including sliding glass door operators, automatic swinging doors, wheelchair accessible doors, folding doors and fire rated doors.

Houston automatic doors are equipped with buzzers or sounders for ADA door systems if needed, which notifies people immediately that the door is opening. Houston automatic doors can include additional features such as underground sensors for security, cameras, card readers, HID lighting system, digital entry keypad or rekeyable locks, fireproofing systems and more.

We can work from blueprints, through general concepts or simple sketches of your design intent to provide a solution to meet your needs. We are confident that we can assist with bringing your design to reality. Call us now.

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